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I know he was given the nasty naughty treatment but I just played against a Billy that was just masterful. I think he was going for adept because he just used Billy’s three perks.

it made me miss playing against him more often. We did not even get one gen done. He kept all of us busy unhooking or running like hell. I would say a name to really congratulate this guy but I will just call him RandyBob.

thank you RandyBob for a truly fun match.

do any of you have a killer you wish to say thank you to?


  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,362

    We really do need old Billy back, without the busted add ons obviously. To answer your question about which killer I say thank you to, it’s Spirit because she’s done a lot for me.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,982

    I just played a game as billy and thought you went against me.

    Ggs though.

  • SoylentPixieSoylentPixie Member Posts: 1,079
    edited October 2021

    Good Nurses and Billys always impress me, especially now since they both got done so wrong (seriously never saw anything wrong with either) and it's sad that I rarely get to see a decent one these days. Formula one Billiy's that take corners that honestly deserve a chefs kiss sometimes. I would stop and applaud if i wasn't running away. Nurses that don't waste a blink and make you want to hide behind every tree between yourself and the next gen.

    Both took skill to maneuver well, especially on console. I don't remember names but I've met a good few Billys and Nurses that actually raised the old heart rate and pushed me to my limits as a team mate. So I guess I'll thank every good Nurse and Billy who stuck with it even after the nerfs, some of us do value you and the effort it takes to really make those killers scary as hell to face.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 5,329

    Justice for Billy!

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,618

    It's what happens when the devs see a killer has 1 or 2 strong add-ons. Their basekit gets nerfed.

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