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Killer / Survivor sided ????

So I tend to play survivor and killer equal. Reading the posts I see a lot of survivors saying it is killer sided and a lot of killers saying it is survivor sided, but I have come to another conclusion.

This is that there are a lot of bad players on DBD at the moment.

This morning I have played killers doing the challenges of the Midnight Grove web, as they are things like break pallets, crush pumpkins and the like, I decided to play killers I don't normally play with only one perk and no addons. I then found that I was getting 4K after 4K, not because I was playing good, because I was not even going for the kills, just hitting and hooking when the chance arouse, I was not going to miss out on BP. I am not the greatest at playing killer, far from it, it was just the survivors was so bad.

I then played survivor to do gens, only to find survivors running around like headless chicken, not doing gens or anything, but getting downed at the slightest whiff of the killer, then running it to killer.

These are the players that say it is killer sided, or the poor survivors that are teamed up with them.

Then I have played games as a survivor where the killer is so easy to dupe, watching them miss attacks. These are the killers that say it is survivor sided.


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