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Billy boy [FoggyDownpour]

It took me between 6-8 hours, but I'm pretty happy with the end results :)

I darkened the shadows and sunken in parts with BBQ and chocolate sauce. Here's the version without it just in case that's not allowed:

And here's all of my in progress shots and references!

I originally picked Billy due to the shape of this pumpkin. I had to flip it upside down and balance it on its stem to get the right shape and angle for it. This is the first drawing I did on it to see how his face might fit onto it.

Here's the pumpkin after I peeled a side and before doing anything else

This is when I was still trying to figure out what I was doing

Here's when it was mostly done, but I was still getting the details in and smoothing it (such a flat nose)

Annnnd my reference

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