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Sweiksner-- Wailing bell

just in case my other post is disqualified because it wasn't posted in proper format

i was really happy with how it turned out the skull took me the longest and unfortunately you have to really enhance the image to see all of the tiny details i engraved. the teeth alone took an hour and the scratch marks and deformations of the skull took forever to perfectly replicate i recommend enhancing the image so you can see the details it really looks good when you can see them also if you look really close you can see on every face of the bells body are the little add on symbols and inside the body is a little clapper i made out of the stem. when lit it was supposed to illuminate from within like a sky of constellations yet it was too bright outside to see it with a picture and i dare not risk it indoors but sadly my husky and German Shepard jumped up on my counter when i was at the store and i returned to what was once my beautiful carving :'( all i found was a few skull fragments probably not going to win but this was a lot of fun to enter i just wish i could show everyone the epic desighns it made when illuminated but cruel fate prevents it.

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