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Trickster Rework

Now, we all have different opinions about out K-Pop idol here. Some hate him for his aestetics, some love him for his chase music. However we all know that he came to stay and will not leave. So we need to make the most out of him.

In my opinion his main problem is that he can end chases way to quick while he has nothing when it comes to mobility and map pressure. This is a huge problem as most people dislike quick chases and most Killers hate fast popping generators both for good reasons.

As such my goal is to reduce his chasing power while adding something else to his kit...

The Rework:


Trickster now needs 10 knifes to injure a survivor (up from 6). When injuring a survivor with Showstopper that survivor is inflicted with the Mangled status effect.

The Laceration Meter will no longer decay by itself. Each survivor receives a 1,% penalty to their Repairing, Sabotaging, and Cleansing Action speed per stack of Laceration, up to a maximum of 9%.

Survivor can perform the "Remove Knife" action on themself and on other survivors to remove 1 Stack of Laceration with a removal duration of 2 seconds per action when performing on themself an 0,75 seconds when performing on another survivor.

Hitting a survivor with a basic attack removes 5 Laceration Meter.

Main Event

Each blade hit fills up the Event Meter by 1, increased by +0,2 per Laceration Meter already applied. Main Event needs a total of 40 charges to activate.

When the Event Meter is full the Trickster gains +5% movement speed until the Event Meter is empty. While ready the event meter decays at 0,5 charges per second. New charges can be aquired by hitting survivors with Showstopper but only a a decreased rate of 0,5 per hit. Performing a basic attack while having the addition movement speed instantly drains 20 charges while.

Additionaly the Trickster can activate "Main Event", instantly consuming all charges to initiate his usual "Main Event". Knifes thrown while "Main Event" is active can not build up new charges of the Event Meter.


Remove all add-ons that granted additional speed while aiming the knifes.

Add add-ons that increase the speed when the Event Meter is decaying at the cost of a faster decay of equal value (5% more speed = 5% more decay as an example).

Now...please add your feedback. I would like to see how stupid I was this time.


  • WoodywoolWoodywool Member Posts: 658
    edited November 2021

    Just give him old trick blades as basekit and increase the laceration meter by 2 more knives and make the number the same for blades that were bounced before. This thing will encourage the players to use the power of tricky blades even if they will hit a floor under the survivor that is nearby to the killer (Like some ppl did on PTB of All-Kill chapter).

    Even if this change will nerf him, it definitely makes him fun for both sides.

    P.S. my heart was broken when at the release date we didn't get this change.

    A lot of players and streamers said that was fun and it should be in basekit at least to create his own identity but... We're living now what we got :(

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