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Ash deserves more

MichealMicheal Member Posts: 288
edited November 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

Ash's perk buckle up isn't worth the perk slot as it only tells you when to pick up a survivor and you and the survivor get to see the killer for 6 seconds this doesn't change that much when the Killer can just pinpoint where he downed the surviver and just go slug them again.

My opinion on a buff for this perk would be to just and a extra ability were you and the survivor you recover get %10 movement speed with iron well and blood hidden for 10 seconds.be careful he can still see running scratches.

flip flop

there are to many hooks close to echoter and it doesn't work that much and there are perks that help get survivors to hooks very fast its just unless sadly.

This is my idea of a flip flop buff

When recovering on the ground coverted to wiggle progress by %60

When being carried killers movement speed is %15 slower.

You can here the killer grunt repeatedly like he got stuned but actually it's just ash spanking the killers butt with his belt on the killers shoulder.

This would be funny but also it would be a uneck and fun perk and reason they would grunt also helps so he can't here any Survivors near by.

Mettle of Man

The why it was before they mest with the game mechanics it was balanced

Chance of you becoming the obsession.

Take 3 protection hits for mettle of man to activate.killers can see you from 12 meters away when Mettle of man is activated and when fully healed.

The problem is you have to take 3 protection hits for a survivor and that's really risky if you do because your going to be in second hook stage one just to get one extra hit.

When you play it save and get one or two protection hits its just to fast for you to even get before all the gens are done the game just goes to fast and there is almost no value. On top of it if you even get activated the killer can see you from 12 meters away when you heal. And the bad part if they know about Mettle of man they can one shot you still in the healfy state to the dieing state. And being the obsession depending on the killer perks gives them more benefit

This is my idea of a buff for it I hope this idea is balanced to killers and survivors side.

Mettle of Men

Chance of becoming the killers obsession.

Mettle of man has 2 tokens When exposed Mettle of man activates and uses 1 token you well not be instint down from the the killer and you keep the inmun hit until the killer hits you. The tokens won't stack in one go you have to get downed and hooked and then it deactivates and if you get exposed again you last token activate and do the prosses over again.

It well show you to the killer form 12 meters away when fully healed when Metal of Man is activate.

When on the ground with Mettle of man activate you adimadicly counter the killers mori with some kind of of struggling animation stunning the killer for 5 seconds and recovering from the dieing state.

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