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What you people thank of this Mettle of Man Remake idea

MichealMicheal Member Posts: 288
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Mettle of Men

Chance of becoming the killers obsession.

Mettle of man has 2 tokens When exposed Mettle of man activates and uses 1 token you well not be instint down from the the killer and you keep the inmun hit until the killer hits you. The tokens won't stack in one go you have to get downed and hooked and then it deactivates and if you get exposed again you last token activate and do the prosses over again.

It well show you to the killer form 12 meters away when fully healed when Metal of Man is activate.

Only one time thing in game.

When on the ground with Mettle of man activate you adimadicly counter the killers mori with some kind of struggling animation stunning the killer for 5 seconds and recovering from the dieing state.

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