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Laws Of The Underworld Chapter Idea

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The Duality


32m 🎯

Tall ↕

Power: Virgo Binding

The merging of souls is a forbidden magic. It granted unimaginable powers, but at the cost of sanity and control.

The two souls fighting for one body tear in different directions and hunger for different forms of violence. One prefers deception, the other desires chaos.

When performing lunges and swipes, both souls, Necro and Thorn, attack.

Special Ability: Mercury Imbalance

Press the Secondary Ability button to switch between the two soul's perspectives.

Switching perspectives grants the Undetectable status effect for a brief duration.

Special Ability: Hunger For Chaos

While Thorn is in control of the body, press the Power button to attune yourself to the Chaos for 60 seconds.

While active, your vision refines to black and white. Survivors that are running or performing healing and repair actions within your line of sight glow an intense red, revealing themselves to Thorn's Hunger For Chaos. Healthy Survivors that are damaged during this time suffer from the Incapacitated status effect for 20 seconds. Hunger For Chaos has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Special Ability: Dead Behind The Eyes

While Necro is in control of the body, press the Power button to reverse the direction of your Red Stain for 20 seconds.

Healthy Survivors that are damaged while Dead Behind The Eyes is active have their aura revealed to you for as long as they remain in your Terror Radius and have their aura hidden from their teammates for 30 seconds. Dead Behind The Eyes has a cooldown of 30 seconds.


Necro, known to all underlings in the Underworld as 'the reaper of souls', was tasked with weighing the guilt in the souls of the damned.

Her eyes bore deep into the soul of those in question, tearing through memories, emotions, actions and coming to one final conclusion on wether their soul is wracked with guilt or if they are merely fearful of the now obvious consequences facing them.

The tool used for the soul extraction for those deemed fearful was that of a scythe. The piercing curve of the blade would puncture the chest of the damned soul and be struck into the misty soil of the Underworld, forever condemning their soul to never be permitted exit. Forever trapped in torment and fear.

Thorn, the Jackyl assistant of the Underworld's Warden, once a woman, but now warped and twisted by eons of violence, torture and consuming the rotting souls of the damned that failed to obey the laws of the Underworld.

The hunger she felt for souls became an addiction, she needed to feed on them regularly to maintain the balance of her own soul. Torment and pain sustaining her.

The laws of the Underworld were simple, those deemed 'fearful' were sentenced to an eternity of mental and physical torture with brief windows of reprieve in the blackened chambers, to look out into the universe and bear witness to what their actions and emotions determined they would never be able to enjoy. Those deemed 'guilty' were sentenced to eternal repentance with a miniscual chance of their soul being set free to undo the harm they did to the flow of energy in the universe caused by their horrific actions as a mortal.

Disobeying commands of the higher beings is condemnable with soul extraction.

No soul can leave without being granted freedom from the misty soil.

Thorn's hunger made her minds sanity fall away from her. The control was slipping, she needed more and more souls to maintain a balance. She began to leave her chamber and wander the Underworld. Seeking to devour all the souls she took a liking to. She soon began to tire of fearful souls, she wanted fresh ones, guilty ones, free ones.

The hunger was strong, and with it she became a possessed monster, scowling the blackness, lured forward by the misty soil. She found herself looking out into the universe, the souls of the innocent, the living, the good, endless and keeping the flow of energy in tact.

Her addiction to the hunger had become a problem that couldn't be ignored. Necro was summoned and tasked with putting a stop to Thorn's disobedience once and for all. She found her in the Hall of the Guilty, midway through her cosumption of a soul. The pained expression on the face and a blank stare of the fallen body of a guilty man beneath the pale shimmer in Thorn's eyes as the soul absorbed into her.

Thorn stood up from the body and wiped her mouth, the scythe she used to pierce the soul of the guilty man laying at her feet. She growled at the shadow in the doorway, but began to smile when she saw who the shadow belonged to. She walked up to Necro and stood still a few paces in front of her, her hand raised beckoning her to come closer. Necro pointed the scythe at her and took a step into the light. "You have disobeyed the laws of the Underworld. I am here to claim your soul." Thorn snarled but smiled once again. Her face twisting and contorting, the beautiful features becoming elongated, drool pouring from her lips.

Necro kicked forward and hit her snout with the handle of the scythe, drool sent splattering against the wall. She rushed forward and drove her fist into her chest, Thorn stumbled backwards, her foot finding the handle of her scythe. She picked it up and screeched at Necro, taking a slow step back. Necro rushed forward again and raised her scythe, Thorn smiled and swung her Scythe at her in response, Necro dodged to the left but stumbled over the fallen body on the floor. Her legs failing her, she fell onto her back, hitting hard, the scythe bouncing away from her. Thorn pounced on top of her and forced the blade of her scythe downward.

Necro caught the blade in her hands and held it away from her chest, the drool from Thorn's lips dripping onto her cheek and into her mouth as her weight was forced on top of her.

Necro lifted her knees and thrust upward, the force launcing Thorn up over her head. She rolled to her feet and, grabbing the scythe in one smooth motion, swung it up at Thorn. The blade pierced her chest. Blood sputters from her snarled lips, Thorn instinctively grabbed onto the scythe with a fierce grip and tugged Necro towards her, her viscious jaws biting down on her shoulder, tearing flesh off the bone. She bit down again, ripping at her cheek and ear. Necro staggered backwards with a scream releasing her grasp of the scythe. Thorn collapsed to her knees and pulled the blade out of her chest, the blade, it began glowing with a pale light. Necro stumbled over to Thorn and put her hand on her cheek, the snarled twist now gone, her beautiful features returning to view. Thorn lifted her head up to Necro and put her hand over hers, a tear entering her eyes. Necro knelt down to be beside her, Thorn eying her all the way. Her tear wetting the hand of Necro who gave her a small smile "i'm sorry. This shouldn't have been allowed to happen." Thorn leant closer to Necro, her fingers dancing along the floor. "Don't be." Thorn responded, as she thrusted the blade up deep into Necro's chest.

Thorn's eyes lost all colour and gave a vacant stare as the blade rests imbedded in Necro's chest. Necro's eyes lose all colour and go vacant just the same, as Thorn arched forward searching for her face. She pressed her lips to hers and kissed softly, their hands still cupped against her cheek.

Necro let a tear fall from her eyes as they both slumped downwards to the misty soil together.

While unconcious, they heard a whisper urging them to wake up. Opening their eyes, they gingerly climbed to their feet. Hearing the whispers again beckoning them to enter the fog, and sounding not to disimilar from their overlord in the Underworld. As Necro took a step backward her body stopped still, a desire to move in the opposite direction toward the fog, toward the lure of the whispers, tugging her back. She heard a growl from behind her and turned around, nothing in sight but a thick fog. She frowned and reached down to pick up her scythe. As she touched it she heard Thorn's voice, "let's get going, Reaper." Necro smiled, reaching up to touch her lips, thinking back to the last thing she remembered. Smiling, she allowed her legs to move aginst her control into the fog, "Yes, let's."


Soul To Reap - The souls of the fearful shall never know freedom.

When a survivor is in the struggle phase, the Entity progression is increased by 33% while you are further than 32m/28m/24m away.

"You have been deemed 'fearful', your soul is condemned to the tortures of the Underworld now." - Necro

Eternal Suffering - You're tasked with ensuring the souls of the damned know nothing but pain and torture.

The duration of all detrimental status effects applied to Survivors is increased by 25%.

The duration of all beneficial status effects applied to Survivors is decreased by 25%.

Survivors that have a status effect applied to them while you are further than 32m away have their aura revealed for 2/3/4 seconds.

This perk only affects Status Effects applied by add-ons and perks.

"Agony makes you taste so much better." - Thorn

Entity's Enforcer - You are happy serving a higher power. The entity grants you special knowledge of the smaller details of the Trials.

The auras of all Totems, Chests and Exit Gates are revealed to you at all times.

While a survivor is in the Dying state, the auras of Hooks are revealed to you within a range of 48m/56m/64m.

"We will not disappoint you." - Necro & Thorn

Survivor Bio:

Charlie Peach:

A Private Investigator. A P.I. It's what he had always wanted to be. The closest thing to being a spy without having the cool toys and gadgets.

Charlie loved it, the feeling he got from helping those who had been wronged, and those who were just paranoid. It didn't matter, sat there behind the wheel of his father's old rust bucket. Fixed up, polished and painted to be the perfect 'in the shadows vehicle'.

His most recent case was that of Phillice Morrison. Her cat had gone missing and she suspected her neighbour 'Mr Grouch' of stealing him. Her poor little fuzzy-kins. Charlie told her he would do his best to find her, despite feeling that she was just a senile old lady that had forgotten her cat was gone long ago. The whole street told him she forgets a lot of things. Items she had long sold or given to charity, reported burglaries that went nowhere.

But, he has to help her, he promised, and...he could do with the payment. He started by doing a background check on the neighbour in question, 'Mr Grouch', real name Thomas Barnes. Nothing. No previous convictions, no previous altercations with neighbours. Ideal neighbour on the face of things.

He followed him for 2 days, nothing special stuck out to him. Grocery shopping, gym visits, work at the local bakery. He decided he would head to the police station to see his friend, Maggie. She always had helpful insight for his cases. Maggie said there was one incident that stuck out to her: Phillice had mentioned to him about fixing his garden up, he told her to butt out of his business. The next day he woke up to find his garden had been reorganised and neatened up. Maggie said he reported her for vandalism. The police didn't act on it nor file a report because there was no damage done.

As it turned out Thomas Barnes did steal her cat. Charlie decided to do some digging in his trach can to see if there was evidence of animals on the property. He found exactly that. A bloody tail in the bin, buried under blood stained boxes.

Taking the final payment for a successful closure, and offering Phillice his deepest sympathies and apologies he headed off in search of a new client.

Not two days later he got a tip off of a missing person. That was perfect, missing people cases are lost on the police, the ones that are reported are backlogged so far they're forgotten about; and the ones that are desperately urgent aren't reported because they'll have been threatened against it.

Charlie couldn't piece anything together though. The relatives and friends of the man couldn't offer anything too helpful. Every potential lead went cold. Every tip off was a dead end.

A few new clients and a couple months later the case was closed; 'person presumed dead, body not found'. A local father of one had reported a human finger in his sons hidden cigar box. The finger belonged to the missing man Charlie had been so heavily invested in.

The guy who did this must have been psychopathic. Charlie investigated further, asking Mr Chase if his son had told him where he was going? If he drove? His habits? His father could offer nothing of value, as though he had no contact with his son whatsoever. The diner he worked at, on the other hand, happily told him very detailed descriptions of what Kenneth looked like and his personality. Charlie took the description to Maggie, she had the sketch artist draw him up a picture of what Kenneth most likely looked like.

With this new picture Charlie began looking around town for sightings of him. The dentistry office was the only productive place, however. Kenneth had procured anesthetic from them. Charlie would have to promise to keep this to himself of course, if he wanted to keep them as a potential informant. He ventured out into nearby towns and cities to see if police reports of a man looking like this had come in. Nothing. The local motels and hostels denied seeing a man like that around. It didn't make sense, no one this obssessive would just stop and be invisible to the world, so why has no one seen anything of him since he took off?

Charlie began to think of potential reports of drifters in the area. He began visiting gas stations and diners on the edge of town questioning the staff if they had seen him. Only one of them had, but that was as far as their help went. No direction to point him in. No outfit specification.

Charlie was forced to abandon all hope of finding Kenneth Chase. No point hunting a ghost. Charlie decided to leave his card at every motel, every billboard at every diner, every phonebox. He needed to take on more cases, money was what he needed most.

After a few years of clients and building up a rep in the communities he visited as a competent investigator, the friends at police stations and informants began to pile up. Charlie had ears and eyes in every town for miles around. Maggie still kept in touch from time to time, and he visited home a few times a year when he wasn't too bogged down in a case.

One morning, a report from a circus came in, a man known as 'Jefferey Hawk' had fled in light of a manhunt. Missing people reports in the area were in the tens. He got in touch with the woman that escaped and exposed him. He had her describe 'Jefferey' to her. He paid her for her help and had the local police station pull up a sketch for him. This was him. The ghost himself. 'Jefferey' was Kenneth Chase. Charlie almost spilled his drink as he collapsed to the chair. What were the odds of him being in the area when this was reported? It had to be a sign for him to take-up the investigation once again.

So many missing persons. Town to town, a small amount but adding up as they go. Charlie sat down and pieced them on the map. Each person disappeared at a circus and carnival. The map had to lead somewhere. He looked up the location of every carnival, circus and even festival events in the entire country. He had to find Kenneth.

Buying a camper van and packing up his things, he headed off. He called Maggie and his family and told them of his investigation...just in case he did find his ghost somwhere. Onward to the next potential spot Kenneth would visit.

Three circus' later, three more missing people. Charlie was getting growingly more frustrated. He decided to put a report in of Jefferey in the police station the next town over, warning them of the potential danger their town may be in.

This had to be the one 'Jefferey', no, Kenneth was gonna be at. He drove on to the next carnival and found a spot just on the edge of the parking space, closest to the main road. He aimed straight for the circus tent right away. No sign of him, so many people though. He got lost in the attractions for a while, enjoyed the lion tamer and the fire juggler. The sword swallowing got him the most, that woman was a beauty. Auben hair, green eyes, and an outfit of mostly sparkles, leaving nothing to wonder about.

Charlie found her after the performance and offered her a drink with a winning smile. The two of them drank and laughed while the show went on behind them. Charlie had almost forgotten why he was there. He handed her some of his cards and said to pass it on to the rest of the circus folk. As they left the tent she nodded towards his camper van "so that's yours is it?" Charlie nodded, he filled her in on his invetigation, she was hooked on every word. Before long they were both heading back to his van.

A few more drinks and a good time later, there was a knock at his door. Charlie glided over to the door, giddy on thrills, and opened up. *Thwack* a fist hits his face. He crumpled to the floor and the hulk of a man steps in after him. He sees the woman unconcious on the bed and punches Charlie once again. This time dazing him. He grabs the woman and pulls her out of the van, much to her protests. He ignores her and slams the door on a still dazed Charlie.

The womans yelling voice never silencing. Charlie staggers to his feet and begins to smell burning, then the smoke appears. He pushes on the door but it doesn't open. He tries the windows but they are too small to fit through. Charlie panicks as the flames spread and rise all around him.

He yanks the cupboard door off the wall and throws it repeatedly at the window until it shatters. Safety at last! No. A bottle hits him on the head as he is halfway out. He stumbles back and falls into the flames that had been surrounding him.

The last thing Charlie remembered hearing before he blacked out from the pain, dizziness and fumes was the hulking man's voice "I got you, Jefferey! Die you murdering scum! Die for what you did to my Lisa!"

When Charlie awoke, the flames were all gone. There was no smoke either; but fog, lots of it, in every direction. He breathed in a lung-full of air and breathed out. Gathering his wits he spotted a carnival in the distance and rushed towards it. The soft music he heard was soon followed by the sound of a woman's scream and bottles smashing. Charlie pressed forward and wondered if he had finally found his ghost.


Ears To The Ground - You have a knack for hearing town gossip and news very early.

After performing a repair action for 100 seconds, whenever the Killer tiers up Bloodlust the aura of the Killer and the Survivor being chased are revealed to you for 4/6/8 seconds.

"Where did you hear about this?" - Charlie Peach

Friends In High-er Places - You're reputation makes it easier at getting favours.

For each safe unhook you perform, the next time you are hooked, you gain an extra penalty-free attempt at unhooking yourself, up to 3 extra attempts.

When you are being chased by the Killer, you see the aura of all generators being repaired by a teammate within 40m/52m/64m of your location.

"I need to ask a favour." - Charlie Peach

Help me, Help You - Back scratching is second nature to you after all these years.

When you have been in the Injured state for longer than 40 seconds this perk activates. While active, any survivor that fully heals you has their groans of pain, breathing, footsteps, hiding and vaulting audio reduced by 25% until they are placed into the Dying state.

If you are placed into the Dying state while near to an Injured or Exposed teammate, your wiggle bar is 5%/10%/15% prefilled the next time the killer picks you up.

"You gotta do what's right. Getting paid for it helps too." - Charlie Peach


1) While in control of Necro, she kicks the survivor in the face and plunges the scythe into their chest when they fall onto their back. She yanks it out, looks at the blade then up at the sky, then plunges the scythe down into the ground, condemning the survivor's soul into the fog. She blows a kiss to the entity legs that appear around the scythe and then takes the scythe back smiling.

2) While in control of Thorn, she inhales the aroma of the survivor and begins to salivate. She grabs their shoulder and stabs the scythe into their heart while snarling. She rips it out visciously and watches as the survivor's eyes go pale and blank. She licks the blade and moans, her Jackyl features transforming back to human for that brief moment. She growls as the Jackyl snout returns.

Map: Crotus Prenn Asylum - Carnival Horrors


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