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nurse cosplay - MIPPU

I am a Korean streamer playing DBD. I'm not good at English. Please understand if the grammar is wrong.
I like DBD so much that I often do cosplay!
I submitted my photo to the last contest, but I didn't win.
Maybe it had a lot of photoshop in it.
I didn't know there was a provision called "Heavy Photoshop work will be discardsed."
Unfortunately, all of my cosplay photos were edited by photoshop(Because of format my computer, there is no original)
So I submit small photoshop(?) picture I have.... Um...... I used photoshop, but I don't think it's not heavy photoshop. Wouldn't that be all right?T_T
I really want to be chosen! There are so many DBD clothes I want to buy!><
Lastly, I played Spirit cosplay and did streaming on Halloween.
If you are curious, come to my streaming!
It's my clip! Yeah, I think I was crazy too.

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