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Make Huntress Lullaby a totem based, NON-hex perk

Hello dear people of the fog,

with the recent buffs of Hex: Blood Favor and Hex: Third Seal, Hex: Huntress Lullaby may be the weakest hex now. That comes from the fact that you do not get an imidiate effect with it, but have to build it up like Devour hope. And since it's a hex, it is usually destroyed before the faster skill checks take any effect. On top of that, the effect is really not that great, esp. for experienced players who know how to hit the skill checks. Imho, Huntress Lullaby is to weak to be a hex perk.

So I came up with a variation of the perk today:

How about Lullaby is no longer a hex, but it's power is based on the number of the remaining totems. So at the start of the match, when all totems still stand, Lullaby is it's strongest and prevents the skill check warnings, like with 5 tokens currently. And whenever a survivor cleanses a totem, it gets gradually weaker (skill check warning and degression). Until all totems are cleansed, then the perk deactivates.

I would like this change for some reasons:

  • Survivors get some incentive to do bones instead of gens, and have to make a minor tradeoff when boons shall be used.
  • Killer would get imidiate value from the start with the survivors being able to tone it down / disable it.
  • For the observant survivor, this could be used as a totem counter: if the effect vanished, all totems were done and Noed cannot activate.

What do you think?

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