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Pls Give Surv more to do than generators :)

It would be great if survs had more to do than only generators !!!

  • great idea would be - finding fuel to start generator
  • make survs have unique roles that each person has to chose before game start, like :
    - medic: only this person can heal other surviwors - like everybody could use self-heal but only medic would be
    able to heal others and what's more to do it faster
    - engineer: only this person can do gens faster
    - athlete: only this person has an additional percentage to running and pallet dropping while being chased by killer
    - technician: fuels generators faster than others and opens door faster ( or if technician is alive only he is able to open
    doors something like that)
    • also doing 5 gens to open doors is fine but what about other way - generators have to be done so there is power needed to
      open door but after doing gens make survs find keys that would be needed to open doors ( aint that more interesting )

If you have other ideas pls share them here would like to here them and get more excited for possible changes :)


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    Yes holding M1 is kinda boring

  • friendlykillermainfriendlykillermain Member Posts: 3,166

    @Master said:
    Yes holding M1 is kinda boring

    yeah i really like this idea though because for both survivor mains and killer mains the games drastically change although maybe not have to find keys for the gates the breakers are fine.

  • DarkBro10010DarkBro10010 Member Posts: 2
    Yins are askin to much, as a survivor main I’m just saying like the unique roles ain’t gonna happen. Unless you have a 24/7 survivor group to run with you’ll never make it. Solo survivor games go terrible for me due to other survivors. As for doing more I wouldn’t be opposed to it if it meant faster repair times on Gens. As for finding keys I’m against it. It takes long enough and if you have a good killer both doors will be under constant surveillance. However finding things like a special wrench or gas for stuff that start gens faster but are extremely rare in all for. However the killers would also need less hooks on the maps. 12+ most maps and that’s excluding the dungeon hooks. I say give 8 hooks only and yes that’s excluding the dungeon.
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