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Pls Make Surv Gameplay more demanding !!! :)

SoulVampSoulVamp Member Posts: 6

It would be great if survs had more to do than only generators !!!

great idea would be - finding fuel to start generator
make survs have unique roles that each person has to chose before game start, like :

  • medic: only this person can heal other surviwors - like everybody could use self-heal but only medic would be
    able to heal others and what's more to do it faster

  • engineer: only this person can do gens faster

  • athlete: only this person has an additional percentage to running and pallet dropping while being chased by killer
  • technician: fuels generators faster than others and opens door faster ( or if technician is alive only he is able to open
    doors something like that)
    also doing 5 gens to open doors is fine but what about other way - generators have to be done so there is power needed to
    open door but after doing gens make survs find keys that would be needed to open doors ( aint that more interesting )
    If you have other ideas pls share them here would like to here them and get more excited for possible changes :)


  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 1,835

    Out of what perspective are you suggesting these changes @SoulVamp? Do you prefer to play killer and intend to use these changes for your benefit? Do you play survivor and want more of a challenge besides No Mither? What's your angle here?

  • Demonsouls1993Demonsouls1993 Member Posts: 159
    Oh here's an idea go play last year the nightmare cuz it does that
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