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Great simple idea to stop camping and tunnelling.

My friend and I have just been talking about the amount of face-camping and how to combat it. We also got onto killer who tunnel on every game for that easy kill.

We thought about Borrowed Time, which helps the person getting unhooked, by many time's it just ends up with the rescuer getting hooked, especially with Bubba and others with Noed.

It has become a plague in the game, and not even done much by plague, however we have come up with a simple solution. This is not going to make face-campers happy, but any killer main who chooses not to tunnel and camp should not mind.

Make a new perk, call it something like Saviour and make like Borrowed Time for the rescuer. Then either keep Borrowed Time, which will unfortunately take an extra perk space, or make Borrowed Time include a time for the rescuer.

They could even make nerf Micaela boon totems and give her this instead.

Like I said, this was just a simple way, just a way to stop the epidemic of face-campers.

To face-campers, as survivor I feel your pain, when you don't get a kill because the team is looping all game, but have fun, see how many pallets they drop, see if you can find shortcuts., just remember, it's a game, if you lose it's no big thing.


  • Hunter_Main_322Hunter_Main_322 Member Posts: 530

    I agree that the watch should be superimposed on the person taking off the hook.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,826

    If a killer is camping with noed or insta-downs you won't unhook anyways.

    So this would only punish patrolling killers. This does nothing to face-campers.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    No because this would make the rescuer and the survivor invincible for a certain amount of time. Yes somebody who really want to tunnel may eventually get that person down, the same as with Borrowed Time, but it would give the survivor time to at least try and escape.

    The best thing about this idea is that it is like Borrowed Time, being a perk, not everybody would run it. And if they did for a while, killers may give up camping all together. Proxy camping would still happen, because the rescuer could still be downed before the unhook.

    Something needs to be done, because I hear a lot of survivors getting so fed up with camping, that they are thinking of leaving DBD all together.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,826

    No, you don't understand. Someone face-camping (the literal term) won't even allow the person to unhook. So again, this only hurts proxy camping.

    Yes somebody who really want to tunnel may eventually get that person down, the same as with Borrowed Time, but it would give the survivor time to at least try and escape.

    So, nothing would change? Don't really get this point.

    And wdym Borrowed Time isn't used every time? You see atlest one borrowed time every game!

  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 692

    Or you know what else you can do if the killer is camping do gens

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,070

    I'm fine with adding mechanics to stop face camping just as long as they lock survivors into the rescue animation so they can actually be grabbed if they're trying to unhook directly in the killer's face.

    Survivors should not feel so impervious to a killer that they will just fake-out rescues over and over again. It's an abuse of a bad mechanic and it promotes abusive, counter-intuitive gameplay.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    I do understand. The person camping will not let them unhook, or at least will try because a person with BT can save them, but will then be hit twice and hooked, once on the run up and once during the unhook. The killer will get two hooks for the price of one, until somebody else tries.

    By having a perk that stops the killer being able to hit on the save, even just once would help the situation. If both survivors escape, they then have to chase another one, or the same one, but it would not be a case of hook one and stand there till they die.

    Proxy campers do not stand by the hook, they know there is a good chance of a save because survivors can normally come in pairs. Chase one, then another one saves. Face-campers stand close to the hook, to hit people in groups. One goes in, gets hit and then goes out because they know they will be down under the hook, so another comes in and gets in to try, but knows that same thing.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    Yeah, just do gens while you watch a teammate just die on hook. It takes about 120 seconds to die on a hook. It takes 80 seconds for a gen to be done, so even three survivors, providing they all start a gen as soon as the killer hooks and then magically teleports to another gen is 160 seconds, but they never teleport, which means a good camper could be luck and get two hooks before gens are even finished, even better if they have a gen slowdown. Then add on gate time, which the killer probably brought Noed and possibly no escape, and that could be a 3 or 4 kill.

    But I guess that is the way the game was designed to play. Forget teamwork, just escape at anycost as long as the killer has the best and easiest way to win.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    SWF is the best counter to tunneling and camping.

    Which sucks, because not all of us want to swf.

    This is how BT worked at first anyway.

  • IWFreakIWFreak Member Posts: 251

    Depends on the mechanics added...

    If we're going to buff face camping with this, I would also add paused timer for the hooked survivor while the killer is within a certain distance of that hook. But also let the timer continue if a survivor also gets close.

    This way the killer should only facecamp if another survivor is also there.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,826

    So, you don't want Borrowed Time for rescuers. You want complete invincibility while unhooking instead if I understand correctly?

  • OscarnatorOscarnator Member Posts: 77

    Unless your getting face camped which then you do nothing for a minute. Seems like fun gameplay to me /s

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 3,000

    Although face-camping is cheap as all hell, especially if it's a Bubba, there's nothing wrong with proxy camping, it's literally part of some killers powers (Twins, Hag), and it's a fair tactic to use during the EGC. The killer has the right to defend their hooks if that's the choice they want to make, it comes at a cost of not being able to defend gens or make any additional progress.

    Face camping only works because survivors fall for it and rush the hook, instead of doing gens. If you all just didn't do that, and didn't DC when you realised you were being camped, then it wouldn't pay off, and those killers would stop doing it. If killers literally only got two hooks the entire game they camped, then it wouldn't be worth camping. But they get many, many hooks, because survivors throw themselves at them.

    It all comes down to the fact that you can't effectively punish playstyles, you need to incentivise the opposite. Carrot, not stick.

    So suggestions for anything to incentivise not camping would be excellent. Any good perks that work when you're away from a hooked survivor for example, like Devour and Make Your Choice. Or anything that lures the killer away, like BBQ.

    Plus BP penalties. There's already a BP penalty for face camping, but there could also be a penalty for hooking the same survivor twice in a row (only half the hook score maybe).

    My suggestions:

    • A killer perk that regresses gens when you're more than 24 meters away from a hooked survivor. Like a timed mini-Ruin.
    • A killer perk that reduces the repair speed of recently unhooked survivors.
    • A buff to the new killer's perk that blocks gens when all survivors have been hooked 4 times would make it useful.

  • themoobs1984themoobs1984 Member Posts: 619

    What's the issue with tunneling? It makes logical sense to go after the weakest survivor. Y'all make up problems when they're are none.

  • YOURFRIENDYOURFRIEND Member Posts: 1,428

    If the killer is hitting the rescuer rather than the rescuee, they are obviously not tunneling as they're going after someone else.

  • SakurraSakurra Member Posts: 964

    Even if I don't like tunneling or camping (pretty sure nobody does) I don't agree to stop it. I mean, as survivor you are allowed to be toxic, so be tunneled or camped.

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