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BHVRs inability to fix the game - Causing face-campers

OK, I am anti-facecamping, I detest it as a survivor and a killer, but I can see where it has come from and why it stays.

The problem is the BHVR seem unable or unwilling to fix the game.

Lets face it, MMR is broken, one match against Mr and Mrs Potato head and friends, then the next against a seal team. or as a survivor, Mr Bean or a real serial killer. It's like the game just gives each player a random number between one and ten, then matches them together with no idea how good people are. Ranks, levels, emblems don't seem to have any bearing on the game and now we have mystery code that works it out.

Secondly is stupid things in the game that are broken. DH is now just a burst and insta-heal in one. Hit them and then the DH, only to carry on while the killer stands there cleaning the blood off his weapon, looking for the kill. A quick burst works, but don't do a double trouble for the killer with making the sounds and actions for a successful hit. Every survivor I know now runs dead hard, It makes the chases so long now, no wonder players don't want to chase.

Then we have stupid things like a game I just played, a flashlight save from behind, a pallet save when I was no-where near the pallet. As a survivor a killer hit me when I was on the ground floor, after jumping and the killer was still on the second floor. The killer looked at me in disbelief and allowed somebody to heal me before we carried on the chase. A friend showed me a clip where they was hit from the other side of a dropped pallet with three feet in the way. So may times I have hit people going through a window, see the successful hit action, only to find that it did not register for the survivor and they ran off.

I don't mind losing to a good team, but I do mind losing because of simple bugs. Please BHVR fix these things so killer feel like they can actually chase people and not just take the 1 kill by the hook.

The new killer / survivor is not going to help either.

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