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General PTB Suggestion

This is feedback not necessarily tied to this PTB, but more so PTBs in general in how their handled.

I think that we could get better information on how the Killer and new perks function if we had more opportunities to test out their full functionality outside of KYF. While KYF lobbies are great for testing and is good for what it is, I don't think they're necessarily amazing for getting the same randomized experience like you would by doing pubs.

So I'd like to suggest that for PTB, the new Killer/Survivor has all perks available to them, and all of the pre-existing cast (Or maybe even just the Killer roster, just saying both so every game doesn't have to be 30 of the new Survivor and no one knows who is who) gets the new perks available to them at Level 3.

I just think this would allow people to actually test out what a full load-out would be in pubs, instead of what we have now which is just whatever perks you happen to unlock on the new Killer/Survivor unless you're playing KYF. I think that mixed with an incentive to play PTB (Like some Iri Shards for playtime or something) would help out the PTB experience- because currently, I kinda struggle to find a reason to install it and play for myself besides testing a few random things in KYF before going back to live.


  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,003

    League of Legends PBE has it right... I can't believe that the PTB on DbD isn't the same. Why provide the new Killer and Survivor without giving them all perks for REAL, extensive testing, as well as provide the new perks to the rest of the roster for the same purpose? I've played several games now against Artists whom have had only one or two rank 1 perks. How are we supposed to get a proper public game experience with the new content if people can't even test it properly? Like, all of the perk interactions, the strengths of certain perks on not only the new Killer but also the rest of the Killers, and so on.

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