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The ultimate basement camper is now has competition

OK, so the ultimate basement camper has always been Bubba, his nickname is already Basement Bubba, but there is a new kid in town.

It's Trickster. I have seen many people play Trickster now after the recent Rift and they have found out that if you stand in basement when you have an endless supply of knives, you can wait for somebody to go for the save and then just keep throwing knives. Even better if you just stand at the stairs and have ricochet.

Of course this play will only be used by the very bad killers, the desperate ones and the toxic ones, and will probably only get one kill all game, as it did with a game I just played, but for survivors as always, who have to put up with these, be wary.

Next camping star will be the new killer, with birds to camp for them.


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