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AnotherRandyAnotherRandy Member Posts: 274
edited November 2018 in General Discussions
Since release I kept losing fps after every update, especially after big updates of the engine. 
At release I was playing DbD on medium, fullscreen 1080p and 100% resolution quality. I had 50-60 fps ingame (depended on map).
Now, around 2 years later Im playing fullscreen on low and 0% resolution, getting 27 fps. I tried everything out to "fix" it by myself. Same pc. It's only DbD btw, every other game I play I didn't lost frames. Not even that, I got even more frames after their updated the game cuz they optimized their game.
Pls devs, we really don't need DLCs every 3 months. Please focus on optimisation for a certain amount of time. 
I heard that console players are suffering even more, really not satisfying to play with low fps 


  • epicassassinepicassassin Member Posts: 75
    Optimization patch is coming this winter I think. Probably next month. Just hold tight ^^
  • BigBubsBigBubs Member Posts: 1,131

    After the last event patch I also lose frames a lot. Before it was fine.

  • ModernFableModernFable Member Posts: 770
    Console frames having been dropping more and more since the Clown patch.

    If I recall, they said there’s going to be an optimization patch in December, with smaller patches supposedly helping along the way.

    Although, I haven’t seen any smaller optimization patches coming out, or at least they’re not noticeable.

    Just sucks, that whenever the FPS issues are brought it, it’s replied with “its coming in December” since it will have been 6 months since they’ve started.
  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,200

    Soon TM

  • PinkErickaPinkEricka Member Posts: 1,042
    I feel as if this optimization patch is gonna have an after effect and mess something up, tbh.
  • KingBKingB Member Posts: 747
    I hope so, I've had the auto-aim cost me hits so many times.
  • AnotherRandyAnotherRandy Member Posts: 274
    edited November 2018
    Honestly, if they would just rework the grass and completely remove fog effects the game petormance would be much better. How do I know that? Cuz before the release of the spirit it was possible to remove fog completely by editing engine.ini and I got much more fps, I was at least running 45 fps which is huge (but still not close like to release time).

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 2,415

    They said they'll aim for December. That's not guaranteed tho.

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917
    For december only for console guys, for pc players nothing yet
  • AnotherRandyAnotherRandy Member Posts: 274
    xChrisx said:
    For december only for console guys, for pc players nothing yet
    For pc aswell mate
  • NickNick Member Posts: 841

    After you buy more auric cells

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