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I dont get why survivors not get much bloodpoints



  • drakolyrdrakolyr Member Posts: 100

    I still disagree that survivor is stupidly easy.

    Its easier than the killer, but not stupidly easy.

    And the main issue about balancing comes from the top players.

    Both sides need more BP overall, since you have that many survivors and killers.

  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 1,639

    Survivor difficulty depends on skill of the killer or if they're willing to sweat that round. In my view that means as a base measurement yes survivor is stupidly easy. Easy to pick up and it only really depends on how well you can adapt to a sudden increase in difficulty of the opposing player.

    Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that either - That's just the nature of the game. If survivor was difficult or overly complex no one would want to play survivor.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,081

    Survivor BP is definitely a problem. I think its one of the reasons people get so upset when they don't survive.

    For this game to be truly to theme, killers should be oppressive and survival unlikely. But if you die early as survivor you often have less BP's than the value of items you brought in.

    If you eat a lot of losses learning survivor then the grind can be laboriously long given the paltry BP's.

    BP gains should have a base equivalent to items brought in and then greater gains based on participation.

    Killer BP's will always be higher than survivor given the relative difference among killers where as survivors are basically skins, but survivors should definitely give greater gains than it does.

  • hikenhiken Member Posts: 830

    if u need BP as survivor bring WGLF. also its a very decent anti slug perk wich is way too comun nowadays.

  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    I forgot that playing against a rank 1 nurse and dying within the first 2 minutes of the game is easy mode.

    Killer isn't any harder than survivor and in fact, solo survivor is actually harder than killer as killers can fight back while you can't against stupid teammates.

    Survivors do not get enough BP. Thats a fact. Anyone saying "lol survivor is easy mode" has either never played survivor or has only played in rank 20 lobbies.

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 2,975
  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    If the post is 2 days old and still relevant, it can still be discussed. If the post is a week old, but is still relevant, it can still be discussed. If the post is 4 months old, but is still relevant, it can still be discussed. if the post is a year old, but is still relevant, it can still be discussed. People will seriously come out here acting like "lol its OLD" as if that has anything to do with what is still not fixed. Survivors still aren't gaining enough BP to level up the 104 perks in the game.

    Do people who comment this just have a short attention span or do they genuinely think that responding like that is a valid enough claim to disprove what I said?

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 1,194

    Because survivors hold 1 button 60% of the time ?

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 2,975

    Oh so according to you, I can dig out those 2016 threads about tunneling nurses with 7 blinks but since it is still relevant it counts?

  • shinobu149shinobu149 Member Posts: 141
  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 2,549
    edited February 28

    It only makes sense that killers get higher BP, they need 25x more BPs, they play till end of the game every match.

    If anything, killer BP gain need to be improved.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,500

    Then why do I average 55K with Blight, literally the easiest mode of all.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 1,848

    The problem is alot of survivors want to just sit on gens or w as far away so it take 30 seconds for the chase to start. So you get less injuries less hooks and that equals less points.



    Cleansing totems(lol)

    Been in chase

    These all earn BP but lately it's been do gens, make the chase last for 1:30 but only 20 seconds were actually in chase and been scored and you end up with low BP.

    I got 20k today doing a magpie build never touched 1 gen and searched like 6 chests and made a few heals and saves.

  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    1, its not relevant so no, you shouldn't.

    2, You clearly are just mad because you know I am 100% right.

    3, If it was about something relevant, that is still an issue, I would have no issue if someone bringing it up. You dont deal with problems by just saying "wELL itS sOoO OlD, mIghT AsWeLL nEVer BRinG iT uP".

    I am assuming you are a salty ass killer main who gets triggered about any post about survivors. And whats funny is that killer mains are often the ones to complain about DH, DS, and Unb like there aren't a million ways to counter them. If you are gonna talk about bringing up old topics that are still relevant, you should really look back at how many things you complain about that aren't relevant anymore

  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    Tbh, Blight is super map dependent. Azarovs? You are gonna get an easy 3k. Lerys, Not so much. Badham or RPD, best strat is to just DC. Broken bush hitboxes, objects that are greased up in butter and gen spots that make patrolling with a fast moving killer a nightmare.

  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    And survivors have no way to fight back. Survivors are also dependent on their teammates and the stupidity of them will screw YOU over. Killers only real threat right now are boons. Unb, DS, and DH can easily be baited or avoided entirely. Dont act like you guys have it that bad that you NEED those BP.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 809

    I always find it perplexing that people complain about survs getting few BP, but then we have so many DCs. Especially mid-late game DCs. Why throw all your points away?

    Not that all survs do this, but it was something that I always found silly. Just poor impulse control, I guess.

  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    Sounds like someone lost to a SWF and just blames it on survivors. No bud. It isn't every game you get bullied. Either you let yourself get bullied by falling into every one of their obvious ploys or you just went against a squad that was better than you. Not survs fault at all. Its yours. Annoyed about gen-rushing (which btw isn't real, its just a coping mechanism used by bad killers to explain why they can't patrol gens), Run Ruin, Pop, Corrupt, Tinkerer, Thanat, DMS, Jolt, Erruption, Pain Res or any other gen regression perk. Complain about getting outran by survivors, run anti looping killers (artist, nurse, blight,) Complain about surivors healing all the time, run sloppy, or any exposed perk like devour, or even NOED (if you are that bad at the game) Complain about flashlight players always on your ass? Run Starstruck, agitation, mad grit, iron grasp, infectious, or BBQ.

    You sit there and do nothing but complain about getting bullied when you should instead try to actually learn what perks to run or what killers to play. The game isn't survivor sided nor is it killer sided. In most cases, its skill sided (besides the 1% of SWFS that are gods and will demolish you regardless)

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 1,966

    By default killer can get 32k and survivor can get 32k.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,500
    edited March 1

    What are you on about? Blight is not map dependent. You need to learn maps with Blight but I haven't lost a game on Lery's in weeks and I've played it quite a few times with Blight.

    What I do with Blight is that when I struggle with a map, I'll burn the offering for the map over and over as both Blight and as survivor. I learn the map inside and out. RPD, Lery's, Haddonfield, it does not matter for Blight once you've learned to navigate a map.

  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    Imma have to disagree with you there coach. You not losing on a map isn't just the map, but the people you play against. Blight is strong, but in any map where his power is hard to navigate in, he is not really fun to play. Ask any blight player if they get nearly as many kills in Lerys or RPD as they do for Azarovs or the McMillian Farm. Small spaces, doorways at every corner and broken hitboxes make his kit a ######### to play in. Also in small maps, his power isn't as strong as he has to follow the set path.

    Play as blight against a full SWF who chose RPD and tell me how fun it actually was. After playing blight for a while, I know his biggest weakness is just running through random doorways and not out in the open.

    Also one of the best blight players in the world also states his power is super difficult to use in Lerys, RPD, or Badham as the hitbox for the bushes in Badham and the small maze like spaces are annoying to play in when in RPD or Lerys. Sure you can get wins, but something being Map dependent doesn't mean instant loss. Azarovs is a small, open map. Just like Dead Dawg saloon, you stand no chance there against a blight. Lerys on the other hand requires you to run BBQ, Tinkerer or any other aura/info perk to be able to reach the other side in time.

  • shinobu149shinobu149 Member Posts: 141

    Actually gen rush is real people in the community know that its them working together or using a perk to enhance speed famous dbd streamers use the term too js also tell me your a survivor main without actually telling me

  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    Lol thats your response? "LoL GEn RUsHing Is ReAl" Fine, just to make you happy, Ill say gen rushing is "real". It doesn't hide the fact that it still is overused and regardless of me being a survivor main, I still gave you tips on how not to complain about every single little thing in the game. JS bud

  • shinobu149shinobu149 Member Posts: 141

    Complain at every single thing dude be a killer straight for 1-3 months then come back to me you cant talk if you dont have experience k yall out number us so experience it before you talk

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 1,194
  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    Still doesn't negate the fact that in most situations, survivors (especially solo) often get paired with idiots that they are forced to carry. Just because you killer mains THINK survivor is easy doesn't mean its actually easy.

  • HyuuHyuu Member Posts: 23

    Lol experience? I have played killer for over 200 hours by now and can get to at least iri 4 quite easily. You clearly are just some salty ass killer main who doesn't know what the ######### they are talking about and gatekeep everything to make yourself seem more important and precious.

    Killer isn't any harder than solo survivor and in most cases, its actually easier to play killer than solo surv as you only have yourself to blame for your mistakes. Also "yAlL oUT nUmBEr Us" is also such a stupid point that I might as well just stop talking as you clearly have no clue how games work. Killers are out numbered sure, but do they have to worry about getting chased off gens? Do they have to learn how to flashlight save from weird angles? Do they have to rely on other people being smart to win? Do they have to run perks if playing alone JUST so that they don't die on first hook? Killers have the freedom to go anywhere on the map and not worry about having to deal with people abusing hitboxes, landing hits that are clearly not in range or idiot teammates that waste the one valuable resource to our advantage (pallets)

    Go play solo survivor and then come and tell me how "easy" it is to play surv. I would LOOOOVE to see your answer.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,500

    I am a Blight main, I've played RPD with Blight on that map many times, and I haven't lost verses any group on that map since I've learned the map. Now I definitely had to spend time learning the map, but once you learn it you realize that the hallways are death traps for survivors.

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 2,489

    Same back to you saying killer isn't the most stressful and exhausting of the three. Just from a physiological point of view that's the case. Nonstop action and needed attention and focus are way more draining than survivor with 25% of the action.

    Couple that with a non existing matchmaking thanks to long queue at peak times because killer aren't outnumbered 1:4 as desired but more akin to 1:10.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 11,600

    The only reason survivors end up with less points than killers is that they don't interact with the killer or other survivors.

    I've seen survivors escape with 11k bloodpoints. That number isn't so low, because survivors earn so little. It's so low, because that survivor did only 1 thing during the whole match.

    Most of the time I end up with the same points as the killer or even more. Key is to do a little bit of everything. When 2 survivors reach the hook almost at the same time, then 1 of them usually turns around, instead of healing and getting healing + coop points. If I see a totem I bless it or cleanse it. But I won't ignore it like others. There are so many things survivors can do to earn bloodpoints. Yet, they behave like gens are the only thing.

    Yesterday I had a bad match against a face camping bubba who caught me first and stayed until I struggled. Ended up being the first one to die = 18k bloodpoints (+3 stacksof WGLF). Meanwhile my still alive teammates had 10k bloodpoints.

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