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The PTB has been re-enabled. To those affected, we'll be sending out a large sum of Bloodpoints shortly for you to spend as you please. These Bloodpoints do not transfer back to the Live version of the game.

Your Live progress has not been affected by what happens on the PTB.

I dont get why survivors not get much bloodpoints



  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,290

    It's more of the way the game goes.... Both Killers and Survivors have to do stuff for the other side to get any BP

    Killer gets Hooks, Survivors get Altruism

    Killer injures Survivors, Survivors Heal

    But Gens are like the only thing that can't be undone... Yea Killers can make Gens Regress but that only works if there are Gens left

    To get the most BP Survivors have to do some Gens, Save some teammates, Heal teammates (or yourself), and hopefully escape

    Then again for Killers it's getting hits and hooks (downs as well but anyway), Stall Gens for as long as possible (also to not let the Survivors finish the last one or open a door), let the Survivors Heal and Get Saves cause that'll lead to more BP

    But MMR doesn't like that (in the middle stuff) it's Kills V Escapes not any of the other things (and that needs to change)

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000

    Instantly calls someone killer main, 20ish comments, calls blight easiest mode, I can tell who is an entitled survivor main, welcome to the forums new skin, probably got their account banned and comes really salty or something LOL

    And how is nurse tunneling not relevant?

  • WarpheadWarphead Member Posts: 623

    As a survivor, even if you carry your team, you're not doing everything. Points are being scored at all times, and you're not the only one scoring them. The amount of points available on the survivor side is considerably higher, but they have to be shared.

    As killer, I am responsible for every action for my team. My point limit is the same as yours, but I'm the one that has to participate in every single scoring event. Killers get more points because there's no downtime. There are lots of times a survivor can just chill, hang out while another gets hooked, being ready for the save, opening chests. While you're setting things up, killers are going from one action to another.

    I'm not going to address the stupider things you said, just explaining why killers average more BP.

  • ObservantOfTimeObservantOfTime Member Posts: 209

    I agree. One of the reasons I started playing killer was the pitiful bloodpoints awarded post-trial. A killer can almost always secure 4 stacks of BBQ, while doing the same thing with WGLF is likely to get me killed even sooner. It blows to sit through a 10 minute queue, have a 15 minute match where I barely escape, and then get stuck with 17k bloodpoints. Woohoo! Meanwhile as a killer I get to hook everyone once, let them all escape, and still make it out with ~60k bloodpoints, not to mention the faster queue times.

    And then there's the occasion where I sit in a 10 minute survivor queue, get a match, then get tunneled out of the game with less than 3k points. Truly, why even bother? The gap needs to be closed, a better perk for bonus bloodpoints needs to be come up with for survivors, and I'd like to see an exponential multiplier applied to post-trial bloodpoint gain for every minute that I sit in the survivor queue. Pretty easy.

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