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BHVR's lack of bug fixes causes troubles on this forum

I have read through a lot of threads on this forum and after playing both sides for some time, I think that I have come to a solution for many problems, and they are really simple to solve.

Just fix the bugs BHVR.

I have played games as a survivor where I have been hit from a distance, pallets have not dropped or run into invisible objects.

I have also played killer where I have hit somebody and they did not get injured, during a rescue when it goes for hit instead of a grab, gives the hit sound and the wipe, only to see them run off unharmed, or over pallets. Not even mentioning hits before DH only for them to DH and seem like they heal in the process, where it registers a hit before DH, but it only registers the swing on the survivors side.

These are the things that are causing frustration, not really the perks, although some on both sides could do with a look at.

Please BHVR, stop releasing new killers and survivors, just fix your game. Make it so it works, you have had four years to fix this, the game is not in beta or just released. I would rather you spend time fixing the game then working out the next rift or event. It feels like you are more intent in making money then actually taking pride in your game and fixing it, keeping the userbase happy.

You have a forum here where people are telling you about bugs in the game, hits that don't work properly, MMR that does not work. At least let the community know if you even care or not.

The title of this section states, "our team will be happy to read these", but I see very few replies to answer people, to put people mind at rest, that the problems are being addressed, so players take it into their own hands, they camp, they tunnel, they hide just to escape. People even resort to buying cheats just so they can try and fix the game themselves, the rest of us are just left frustrated with a game that makes you just want to quit. It's why people DC and why people get toxic.

I have little faith that BHVR will respond to this or fix any of the problems in the game, and I am one of the new players that the game should be attracting. I am the sort of person that would like to buy all the DLC, but maybe I should save my money and spend it on a new game.

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