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Hit Validation Issue?

Is their currently an issue with hit validation? I had a match where I hit a survivor and the hit didn't appear to register. The survivor screamed and it looked like a hit so I figured the were exploiting and tunneled them till they had been sacrificed. Had a similar issue with a second survivor in the same match and though they were together or using the same exploit.

The next couple of matches I saw the same thing a couple of times and am now wondering if anyone knows if it is a bug and or if it is a exploit that is being widely abused or if it has nothing to do with them exploiting.


  • BeaburdBeaburd Member Posts: 815

    What you're seeing is positive feedback that a hit registered on your end, but the server says that the survivor's client input responded fast enough to dodge the attack, even though the server couldn't update their current position to you in time.

    So now you've got this whacky situation where the positive feedback you received is false because the server's word is absolute.


    Think of it this way, with a playful analogy:

    You have a prankster of a father that gives you a giant present on your birthday, and it's exactly what you wanted!

    Sadly he was just joking, and can't really afford that gift for you, so he returns it after you open it.

    But then he changes his mind, and gives it back to you... only to realize it's a mistake and return it again.

    The pattern never stops, and you later learn that yes, it was all intentional.


    See? Not too bad, is it?

  • MikeyBoiMikeyBoi Member Posts: 305

    Orrr you know it could be survivors on vpns due to the amount of ddos..

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