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Additional Advanced Attacks for all Killers - Grab & 360 Spin

How could the game be balanced to make Killers more effective against SWF teams without overly punishing solo queue survivors?
SWF teams strategically use the limitation that many killers do not have abilities that allow them to quickly deal with multiple targets running around them. This leads to situations in which solo survivors would simply run away but SWF team members can perform certain actions unpunished.

The idea is to give killers more advanced attacks to provide more options to deal with such situations.


By holding "X" and a quick press of "R2" the killer performs a grab that instantly picks up a survivor very close in front of them.

Survivors are not injured by a Grab.
Survivors need significantly less time to wiggle free. Example: 33% of default time.
Survivors who are dropped or wiggle free after a grab can run away uninjured.
Missing a Grab will significantly delay the time until the next attack for the killer. Example: 3 sec stun with field of view moved to the ground

Possible usage scenarios:

Grabing a vaulting survivor
Grabing a survivor working on a Generator from the side
Grabing a survivor that unhooks another one from the side
Grabing a survivor that is crouched in front the Killer (Counter against Body Blocking)
When another survivor is already carried using the Grab will drop the carried survivor and pick up the new target. (Counter against Body Blocking below hooks)
Ending a hatch stand off (Currently survivor and killer just stand there waiting for the killer to attack so the Survivor can hit the escape button.)

360 Degree Spin Attack with 30 second cooldown

By holding "X" and holding "R2" for two seconds the killer charges up a 360 degree spin attack that damages all survivors who do not flee out of its reach when released.
The charge up can be cancelled by quickly pressing R1 while charging.
Missing a Spin will significantly delay the time until the next attack for the killer. Example: 3 sec stun with field of view moved to the ground

The Spin attack features a significant cooldown of 30 seconds so it cannot be misused while camping a survivor on the hook.

Possible usage scenarios:
Attacking a survivor that is not running away from the killer but around him
Attacking multiple survivors that charge the killer at the same time.
Attacking crouching survivors in a cornfield.

Grab and Spin are risk and reward based attacks that give the killer an advantage when used with the right timing in certain situations.
However if the killer misses those attacks the survivors are put in an advantage so they can run away because the killer is stunned and its field of view adjusted towards the ground similar like a missed nurse blink.

Charge, recovery, stun and cooldown times, cones and reach of the attacks may need to be different for some killer types to be balanced against their other powers and attacks.

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