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The Witch concept

SirJustSirSirJustSir Member Posts: 9
edited November 25 in Creations

I have an idea for a new female killer called “The Witch”. She is a “true” witch that uses three spells for her power.

For her lore she is a young woman who belongs with the Black Vale group by being the daughter of two parents who have some major control of the group. Also, I have a rough draft of a very short bio for The Witch if anyone wants to read it. If so, I will post it on a separate post.

For her art design I wanted her to be dressed in all black with a dress, a robe with a hood attached, and smoke emitting from the end of the robe. Also, she wears a mask that covers her eyes but her nose and mouth are exposed, and she has long messy hair. Also, she is floating above the ground like The Nurse. She has a staff for her weapon that is actually a claw or tendril that was removed/fallen from the entity.

For her Mori she sets a small tight circle on the ground around the survivor, and she raises her staff up in the air and chants some indescribable words to launch from the circle a bright orange light that scorches the survivor.

For her movement speed, she moves at 115. For her power, The Witch has three spells that can be separately activate and each have individual cooldowns. They are as followed:

1) She can activate what’s called “Circle of Delirium” where she can position on the ground a circle and activate it that can cause survivors caught inside to scream which causes a bubble to appear of where a survivor is located. Almost like a mini The Doctor’s Static Blast. However, the ability can also cause survivors hiding in lockers to also scream and reveal themselves. Secondly, the survivors affected by the circle are inflicted by the hindered and oblivious status effects that last for 5 seconds each. After activation, the ability is given a 45 second cooldown.

2) She can activate what’s called “Entity’s Grip” which can lock only one generator from being worked on for 20 seconds. Almost like a built-in killer version of Repressed Alliance. After activation, the ability is given a 85 second cooldown.

3) She can activate what’s called “Maiden’s Revenge” which is also her special attack. When activating, The Witch moves a lot slower to launch her special attack. The special attacks travels in a straight line at about 10M and is a round-shaped wave of dark energy from launched her staff. It can hit multiple survivors when caught by the special attack. The special attack cannot go through walls and obstacles. After activation, the ability is given a 70 second cooldown.

This is a rough concept and can be fixed to accommodate for game balance. Any opinions?

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