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Licensed Cosmetics I Would Love To Have

Resident Evil:

- Ada Wong

- Carlos Olivera

- Mr X (Nemesis alt -- playing as Mr X would also change the way the two zombies look; from the civillians into a male and female police officer.)

- Barry Burton

- Rebecca Chambers

- G1 Birkin (Oni alt -- his roar when his power activates would be so fitting as Birkin. His Basic Attack weapon would be the mutated G-claw, his Demon Strike/Demon Dash weapon would be the pipe he carries in his first form.)

Silent Hill:

- Murphy Pendleton (Downpour protagonist)

- Alex Shepherd (Homecoming protagonist)

Nightmare On Elm Street:

- Robert Englund's NOES1 Freddy.


- 2018 Myers Mask

- 2018 Laurie Strode

- Dr Sam Loomis


- Detective Hoffman (Pig alt OR Tapp alt)

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