An in Depth Look Into Benedict's Hallowed Blight Entries

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Hello everyone! As you know, with each day of the Hallowed Blight event, a new Benedict Entry was posted. I am here to dissect the most interesting parts, and make some educated theories.

I'm going to be covering my theories on:
The Entity's purpose and properties
The final whereabouts of Mr. Baker.

The Entity

There are some VERY important bits of lore from just the second, October 20, and third, October 21, entries of Mr. Baker.
(Link to entries here: )

On Baker's 20 October entry, he described the serums as "alkaloids". An alkaloid is, as Wikipedia describes it, "...a class of naturally occurring organic compounds that mostly contain basic nitrogen atoms." It continues later stating "Alkaloids are produced by a large variety of organisms including bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals. They can be purified from crude extracts of these organisms by acid-base extraction."

Now, from recent lorestuffs, we can assume the entity is not a "god" of any sort, but instead an organism of which we do not fully understand yet. During the hallowed blight event, the visceral cankers looked like a mix of plant and animal matter, so the Entity might be both, but most organisms that produce alkaloids are in fact plants. The plants that produce alkaloids produce it as a defense mechanism to herbivorous animals. This doesn't seem to pertain to the entity in any way, but we have yet to know if the entity has any predators, or enemies.

But! Alkaloids also cause deformities in animals who don't have a way to detoxify it! As wikipedia states here, , "During the 1950s, up to 25% of lambs born by sheep that had grazed on corn lily had serious facial deformations." This could explain how the entity "punishes" killers, where we might've thought previously, for example, the entity actually put the hooks into Trapper's skin, he actually "mutated" the hooks there.

We can also assume, between how we now that everything in the entity's realm is made of Auric Cells, and everything in the entity's realm besides the survivors and killers are part of the entity, that the entity is most likely plant-based. If the Entity was animal-based, and was made up of animal cells, nothing would be particularly solid. I assume it's common knowledge that plant cells have cell walls, so it only makes sense for the entity's realm to be solid, that the "Auric Cells" are some sort of plant cell, or at least some sort of cells with a cell wall.

We also know now that as of the latest lore stream, the Entity does not actually feed off of hope, but instead just strong emotions. This could be an explanation as to what sort of organism the entity is. We know it is a sort of plant that feeds off of emotions. I of course, don't know exactly how something would feed off of emotion, scientifically, but this is where we are at now. So, my full explanation of the Entity right now, is that it is just some sort of animalistic plant thing that only exists to feed, specifically off of emotions.

Benedict Baker

Now with the final whereabouts of Baker, some things start to fall apart either to BHVR's minimal lore, or a fault in my theory, but this is all we have, so here goes.

On his very last entry, Benedict seems to have been taken by the entity without being sacraficed. This is something we haven't encountered before, and my only theory is that either this is how the Entity turns survivors into killers, or this is how the Entity puts things into his "void realm".

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    Did the event lore ever confirm that this was Benedict Baker? I know most of the lore is assumed to be written by him, but I don't recall this lore ever being confirmed as his.

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    @TreblucFayle said:
    Did the event lore ever confirm that this was Benedict Baker? I know most of the lore is assumed to be written by him, but I don't recall this lore ever being confirmed as his.

    Yes, I do believe it was confirmed, or heavily implied.

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