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I had to turn off Cross Play

And it's simply for the fact of PC SWF groups I'm always going against.

I just feels ungodly unfair. The higher fluidity, speedy as ######### mouse aim, and generally they sweat and are more likely to annoy you with flash light clicking and tea bagging.

Yes Xbox Live had SWF, but at the same time they don't seem nearly as trolly or rude as the PC survivors.

Its just not fun being constantly clicked at, you get someone down, Chase off the other guy who was about to flashlight you, only for that three seconds two others with medkits get the other guy up, or you find one person, and by the time you get one hit, even in a fast loop or after a few seconds of chasing, to hear two gens pop one after the other.

Honestly SWF is killing the fun for me so fast that no matter what killer, build, perks, add ons, it feels like it's just a non stop yup I'm about to lose horribly again so why even play?

But Tofu if you play more you'll get better. No matter how much experience you have, or how long you play, you can't beat the unfair advantage of four people actively communicating on Discord, Xbox Live, or how ever else they talk. They have constant knowledge of you and what your doing, while you're just trying to keep up or you just go in a corner and let them win cause they have every single meta perk out there and just want to bully killer players into submission.


  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 21,121

    Genuinely, how do you know they were PC? If you're on, say Xbox One X, then every console asides from Xbox One (including Series S/X, Playstation, Switch, etc) would also show up as having the cross-play icon.

  • BowlofTofuBowlofTofu Member Posts: 40

    Simply put, PC players have a far different way of playing then with someone on a console. The movement, blatant TTV in their names, how fast they can spin around, and various other things that console players can't seem to do. There's a lot of clues that tell you they are on PC as opposed to the switch or PS4.

    Like going from left to right on PC is A and D keys respectively. That's two fingers you can tap away quickly to go from side to side to throw off a killers aim. A controller you have the stick you need to move from side to side while keeping it moving forward. Which means your side to side is naturally slower.

    Meaning, PC can keep holding down W to go forward, then tap A or D when needed to quickly and very rapidly go from left to right. Can a controllers left stick really be that fast? A thumb vs 3 fingers?

    Oh and the world icon in their name indicated they aren't on the same platform your playin, sure they aren't all PC, I'm just leaving cross play because 75% of the SWF I play against I highly suspect of being on the PC. No matter how hard I try, I can't keep up with them.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,739


    Honestly, I find the console types to be the inevitably toxic SWFs. Most PC players I come up against are either the absurdly good SWF kill-crews with kanji names that roll me over in under 5 minutes, or memelords. It probably changes at higher MMRs though.

    The only reason I'd consider turning off crossplay on console would be the hacker epidemic, but apparently they can just bypass that now. Ugh.

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