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Two Changes That Need To Happen Asap

This is gonna be a relatively short and simple one, as I made a long one about the state of the game before. One change for survivor and one change for killer that would be a great step forward for this game.

Killer - After each succesful Injury or Down on a freshly chased Survivor, all generators are blocked for 8 seconds.

Survivor - All Repair buff related Perks and Items are changed. Ie Toolboxes and add-ons no longer increase speed of Repair actions. Instead, in addition to unlocking the Sabotage action, they increase speed of Cleansing. Perks that have Repair speed buffs applied to them among other actions have that particular aspect removed; and Perks that are soley related to Repair speed are changed altogether, to be skill-check related, generator aura related or buff an action elsewhere.

With these two changes implemented as quickly as possible the game will feel much more refreshing to play. Atm every match is an escape speedrun. Gens flying by because survivors are not punished for being hit, and killers not being rewarded for actively pressuring the team and successfully making progress towards their objective. Killers should not feel making progress towards sacrificing a survivor is worth letting a few generators pop in the process of downing, picking up and hooking them. They should be awarded a reprieve from the other role pumping out their objective, making the game feel more like a tug-of-war and a close series of narrow squeaks and outplay dependant. Mistakes from both roles should be punished equally. That would be the first step towards making the game feel fresher but still in-keeping with what the game is.


  • vladspellbindervladspellbinder Member Posts: 273

    First off, I'm a Killer Main. I feel I need to lead with this any time I want to try and defend the Survivor side of things. I am a Sometimes Survivor, I play the role infrequently and play Killer much more often. It's something close to a 85-15 split between the two roles. OK, having got that out of the way... .

    I don't think gens should be blocked on both hits, or if so not for 8 seconds each time. If you go with "Block on each hit" then make it only 4 seconds. There is also a small problem of what counts as "a freshly chased Survivor", because you can drop chase for all sorts of reasons and as Play With Your Food has shown us you can just moonwalk after someone to start and stop chase as desired. Maybe it should be more "the first time you down a Survivor in a trial" you get this block effect, without it being a Perk, it just being basekit. That would give you 32 seconds of basekit gen delay for downing each Survivor once. This would be more powerful on instadown Killers of course, but that's a reoccurring balance problem with instadown Killers so... ~shrugs~

    As for the other one, I like the suggestion Otz made when it comes to Toolboxes; instead of (most of them) adding to gen repair speed they add "true repair" (Video ID is N7RkW1dw5BM, toolboxes start at 11:09). "True repair" is a percentage of the gen that can now no longer be regressed through any means, but you only gain it at the normal 1 charge per second. He fully agreed that repair speed buffs could get really crazy and that something needed to be done about them but that you have to factor in how powerful Ruin and or Pop can be. So you make it so things are not done faster but you have baseline progress that can never be taken away. He didn't make any suggestions on the add-ons that bump repair speed but if (most of) the toolboxes themselves are not adding to it then they shouldn't be too bad, the charge add-ons are almost universally better anyways. B.N.P. might be a littlie tricky but the other change would need to be tested first before fiddling with B.N.P. to make sure it stays powerful but not broken.

    I don't think gen repair Perks are too bad, maybe Prove Thyself could be dropped a few percent so it doesn't just outright negate the repair penalty for more than one person working on a gen, or maybe only applies per Survivor working on the gen in question. Because as it is right now you can have two people working on a gen and a third nearby and the two on the gen get a net +15% repair speed (base -15% for two people on the gen +30% for 'two other' Survivors nearby). At least that how it is WORDED that it works, I've not tested it myself to see if it ACTUALLY works like that or not. Either way it should probably only give +10% per 'other Survivor' so that it is still better to split up and do multiple gens at once but it can come in clutch when you need to break a three gen.

    I think the other Perks that involve gen speed repair are fine as they are, because they are pretty conditional most of the time.

  • IlliterateGenocideIlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 4,120

    When Gen regression perks get greatly changed ill gladly accept the last point u made.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

    It doesn't block on both hits. It blocks on a fresh survivor hit, Injury or Down. If I Injure a Jane, it blocks the gens, if I Down her before Injuring or Downing a different survivor then it doesn't block the generators again.

    I saw that Otz video and didn't agree with it. Gens not being able to regress past a certain point would come with brand new issues. Each PGTW token is 25 seconds + 1 second extra every 4 seconds...that isn't a big issue really. Ruin can be cleansed, and if it doesn't then it is good for giving survivors a passive pressured objective if it gets too troublesome; but let's be real, Ruin is only troublesome vs survivors that are inefficient. Even with my ideas here Ruin would still be in the same hit or miss state it's currently in.

    Repair perks are an issue, because most of them reward survivors in chase and outside of them. The other stuff like Prove Thyself can easily be changed to increase teammates skill-check odds as well as selfish bonus bp. That would still be repair related but it wouldn't be consistently good because of rng. Resilience and Spine Chill definitely shouldn't boost repair speed. I think that's what Survivors repair related perks should look like. Rng or intel related to repairs, not buffs to speed.

    You say that like gen regression perks are an issue XD they give killers regression they normally do not have accessible lol

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