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Krampus killer (I will be editing this randomly till christmas) 3.0

alivebydeadightalivebydeadight Member Posts: 1,559
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(yes krampus is german lore not just a movie)

The Tormentor

Power: Krampus's Curse

When a survivor goes into the dying state you will be able to apply a curse upon the survivor with several different effects until the survivor either sends a generator to 0% or gives the curse to a survivor that is healing them, the curse will take 15 seconds to apply to the downed survivor and they will suffer these effects every 30 seconds, during the curse you will suffer from blindness, the effects are on loop:

Madness tier 2: 55% chance for a skill check to appear in random locations, screams occur every 30 seconds
Random hex: you will be applied by one of these 4 hexes: Hex:ruin(30% chance), tier 3 devour hope(5% chance), NOED(50%chance), or Hex:Lost fire "Lost fire will not allow you to see hexes"
Trapped: You will have 30 seconds to get to a safe distance before you get bear trapped, survivors are mangled when they are in the bear trap


Punishment: You consider survivors doing generators being evil, and you do not accept evil. Every time you damage a generator the regression will increase (only for that generator) by 2/3/4 percent for every time the generator is damaged, when the generator is repaired the survivor(s) that finished the generator will receive exposed status for 24/28/32 seconds.
"He is Santa's punisher, for those who have been bad"-German girl

NOEMP (No one escapes my presence): You hate survivors that escape from your grasps, especially when you lose them. Every time a survivor escapes from your grasp or when you lose a chase this perk gains a token to a max of 3/4/5. Every time they escape your grasp or you lose a chase you will gain a speed boost at chase start by 2/4/6% and it takes survivors 7/8/9 seconds longer to escape from the killers grasp. You will lose 1 token when you "win" chases or sacrifice survivors.
"He punishes us for attempting to escape, he killed one of us, and i'm next!"-Wounded boy

SBTS(silence before the storm): You are silent, but through time you get much more dangerous. Every time someone cleanses a totem or finishes a generator this perk activates for 30/40/50 seconds. Your terror radius is increased to 82/66/60 metres but during the seconds all survivors are exposed.
"You will know when he arrives, but not at first"-little boys note

Rework 1.0

Punishment 1.0 rework-Originally exposed for 30/35/40, now decreased to 24/28/32 seconds
SBTS 1.0 rework-Terror radius is now increased to 82/66/60, but now blinded now removed

Rework 2.0

Ability 2.0 rework-madness got a percent rework to 55%, lowering the chances of a random skill check location
Ability 2.0 rework- bear trap make the survivors mangled
Ability 2.0 fix-added "curse is on loop until cleansed" to description
NOEMP 2.0 rework-Increased seconds in killers grasp to 7/8/9, it is no longer 3/4/5

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