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Higher Ranks Super Unbalanced

  • SWF all the time - super coordinated + all op items and perks in game
  • 2 or more DS in one game when even one can change the flow of the game
  • insta heals + brand new parts + tool boxes = super fast gens much fun
  • cannot say that i have a lot fun in rank 1
  • what is more, now i cannot even depip without getting banned ( having a lot of fun )

make games last longer right now i cannot even get rid of the half of pallets in map before game ends
and pls delate tool boxes from game they are not needed or change that they can be used only on hooks


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,205

    The game is not balanced aroudn high level gameplay.

    Either you switch to nurse which is the only killer balanced around SWF or you derank :wink:

  • CornChipCornChip Member Posts: 540

    And the lower ranks are the opposite. Immersed survivors, Hiding in lockers too much. EZ 4k's all day

  • EntitàEntità Member Posts: 1,554
    Every game has a different result: I see both 4k and one or (seldom) two people escaped. The map, the players' style, the perk and item combinations make the difference.
  • Rebel_RavenRebel_Raven Member Posts: 1,654

    Not super different in lower ranks. SWFs all the time. People playing above their rank. Really hard to have a fun time.

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