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Profanity Filter - make it optional

Give a toggle in settings. Have profanity filter on by default, but allow people to turn it off, so that they can see what people type in chat. The profanity filter randomly filters out normal words, killer and map names, without rhyme or reason, on and off. I've seen it filter 'Haddonmemes', 'Myers', 'Ormond', and 'Hawkins' before. Why? I don't know if what someone is saying to me is profanity in the first place, due to how overzealous I've seen the filter be. On top of that, people keep finding ways to get around the filter each and every time something gets censored, so it's pointless.

I'm not saying the filter should be removed, because people both want to be able to talk and not have to deal with another person saying whatever they want on the other end of their conversation, and I'm all here for that kind of hypocrisy and denial. Profanity, in a M-Rated game featuring gore, constant violence, and occult sacrifice with unrated online elements? Outrageous.

All jokes aside, for streamers and such trying to avoid the kind of speech that their platform prohibits, the filter makes a degree of sense, albeit being a piece of paper trying to block a flamethrower. But, that's not a reason why everyone else should not be allowed to turn off the profanity filter. Let's be honest - after playing a game that has not changed in any meaningful way (gameplay-wise) since its release tons of times, one finds that the only variety to the each match is in end game chat. Not being able to see half the messages makes the post-game experience worse.


  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,403

    Yes, i am old enough - i can handle this.

  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 124

    I get what they're trying to do, but it is horribly implemented, and also practically useless.

    I've had plenty of things that should have been filtered out, but didn't. But you know what does get filtered out? 50% of DBD terminology, character names, and realms. It's pathetic. Either make it actually effective at catching slurs like they proposed it would (which half the time it doesn't), and just make it an option.

    Come to think of it, why was this even a thing they put time into, when it's only present on PC, and is already an option to disable the chat entirely?

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,395

    Please yes. The censors constantly censor relevant words and they prevent me from understanding what anyone is saying far more than they protect me from language I can deal with anyway. Who thought censoring "kill you" was a good idea in a game about killing people? Not to mention a bunch of characters and DBD terms being impossible to say for some reason. "I prematurely ended the life of the Korean survivor because she was drink that isn't coffee bagging me."

    I never really cared about people calling me slurs in and of themselves - to me, somebody calling me a slur is the same as someone calling me a ######### idiot or trash. It's all someone being generically rude on the internet. If you're going to show me some of it, you may as well show me all of it so I know who I can actually report.

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