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What Happens When the Rift Closes?

Will we no longer be able to do the challenges? Will a new rift open with all new challenges? Or will a new tome just be added? I'm new and I'm confused.

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  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 3,799
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    When a rift closes you can still do the challenges for bloodpoints (the compendium tab on the archives menu) but you will not receive rift fragments any more.

    All of the cosmetics in the rift will be unattainable until added to the store later (usually takes a year or two, if not more) but the charms will never be attainable again unless they change their mind in the future.

    The only charms you can still get are the ones for completing each page of challenges.

    Future tomes will not gain rift fragments when you complete challenges from past tomes, you must complete the current ones to progress on the rift.


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