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Emblem System - Details

ClydeClyde Administrator, Community Manager Posts: 389

Emblems are a new system to evaluate your performance during a match and gives you pips. Killers and Survivors each have 4 Emblems they can obtain during a match by performing specific actions and adopting specific behaviors. Each Emblem come in 4 qualities, and the total amount of Emblems as well as their quality determines the amount of pips the player is going to win/lose.

We are implementing this System for several reasons:
1. Separate the ranking from the Bloodpoints won : Bloodpoints is a currency dedicated to progression, and using it in order to rank players was becoming an issue. We want to be able to impact the amount of points you win without impacting your rank.
2. Have clear actionable systems to encourage interesting play : unlike the Bloodpoints, Emblems cannot be farmed. This gives us more control to assess player behaviors and reward good play, as well as encourage interactions between Survivors.
3. Create opposition : the Emblems of the Killer and the Survivors are working against one another. For each Emblem, both sides are trying to accomplish an opposite goal and are judged on their ability to do so. This creates more tension and room for interesting counter-play.

There are 4 Emblems for each side (Survivor and Killer). Each Emblem is tracked and updated in real-time during the trial, but only shown to the player in the post-match lobby.


LIGHTBRINGER represents your participation in generator repairs. The higher the percentage of overall generator repair participation, the higher the quality of this emblem. Successfully cleansing Hex Totems and opening Exit Gates also grants points towards this emblem.

UNBROKEN represents your ability to survive. Escaping a trial without being downed results in an Iridescent quality, while being downed one or more times results in a Gold quality. If you die in a trial, the emblem quality is based on the amount of time you were alive, however, the highest quality you will receive in this manner is Silver.

BENEVOLENT represents how altruistic you and your team are during a Trial. The first two times each Survivor is hooked, all Survivors lose points. Safely unhooking them returns the points back to all Survivors that still remain in the match, and The Survivor performing the action also receives bonus points. An unsafe hook rescue results in a loss of points for The Survivor performing the action. Other altruistic actions, such as healing, making a Killer drop a Survivor, and taking a hit while a Survivor is being carried, also grant points.

EVADER represents your ability to stay hidden from The Killer or to be able to win chases against them. You win points by remaining unnoticed by The Killer; the closer you are, the higher the points. You also win points if you escape a chase without getting hit; the longer the chase, the higher the points. Every 15 seconds, you secure your points, however, you will only receive half of the points if you lose the chase.


GATEKEEPER is won by slowing down generator repair progress for as long as possible. You win points every second, based on the amount of incomplete generators remaining on the map. Ending the trial with incomplete generators also grants bonus points towards this emblem.

MALICIOUS represents your ability to apply pressure on Survivors and prevent them from helping each other. You win points by hurting, interrupting, and downing Survivors, and you lose points when they are healed. Points are also awarded each time a Survivor is hooked, which are NOT lost when The Survivor is unhooked.

DEVOUT represents your ability to sacrifice and kill. Each Survivor eliminated from the trial grants points. Sacrifices, moris and Reverse Beartrap kills grant the same amount of points. No points are awarded for Survivors that bleed out.

CHASER represents your ability to find and chase Survivors. You win a few points each time you find a Survivor, and you also win points by winning the chase; the shorter the chase, the higher the points.

Based on what you did during the trial, you will receive one of the following Quality for your emblems:
• None (you didn’t get the Emblem!)
• Bronze
• Silver
• Gold
• Iridescent

Each of these quality grants an amount of points, going from 1 to 4. The total sum of points you obtained from emblems dictates how many pips you win or lose:

• Between 0 and 5 points: you lose 1 pip
• Between 6 and 8 points: no change
• Between 9 and 13 points: you gain 1 pip
• Between 14 and 16 points: you gain 2 pips

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