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HATCH TROPHY: Looking for players

Benlj1997Benlj1997 Member Posts: 3
edited November 8 in PS4
trying to do the hatch trophy with 3 randos is hard enough.. so looking for survivors to help do the hatch trophy where all 4 survivors jump through together! 


  • Benlj1997Benlj1997 Member Posts: 3
    Add me: PSCAPTAINROBIN (Hopefully can change name in January 😂)
  • redsopine1redsopine1 Member Posts: 1,437
    I got two key's I can bring one if you want and if you don't mind a early death run white ward so you can get a copy
  • redsopine1redsopine1 Member Posts: 1,437
    Redsopine1 my psn
  • Benlj1997Benlj1997 Member Posts: 3
    Awesome I’ve added you now. Might not be on for a couple of days though depends!
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