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Going up against hackers is getting really exhausting. Do the DBD devs even care about their game?

Another match, another hacker. I usually always give the dev's a benefit of the doubt and will sometimes defend them on certain issues (I don't believe that they don't care about killers, it just doesn't make sense) but a lot of the time they make it really difficult to not get angry at them. Ever since MMR was introduced this game has seen a massive surge in hackers, one I've never seen happen to any other game up to this point, and instead of solving the issue as fast as they can like 99% of other game companies would they not only do absolutely nothing about the issue but they don't even address it. No updates about them working on an anti-cheat, no updates apologizing or showing that they at least acknowledge the problem, just absolute radio silence from them. I understand that game development is a really tough and lengthy process and I also understand that with a company like BHVR you have to be very careful with what you say as it can be easily misinterpreted by the community but not saying anything at all on an issue as massive as this is extremely disheartening. Seriously, when is BHVR going to at the bare minimum acknowledge the massive amount of hackers ruining people's games?


  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    In high MMR there's barely any blatant cheater but worst of all. Subtle cheaters and there's no way to tell 90% of the time. I just don't find some people dodging every mind game including very rare ones legit.

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