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Dead by Daylight Tournament

MekochiMekochi Member Posts: 616
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My friend and I are hosting a tournament, he's a killer main, and i'm a survivor main so we're balancing each other out to make the tournament fair. Wanna join? Fill this out: https://forms.gle/LsE1bFPBwv3rbdg67


Killer Prize: $35 auric cells pack

Survivor Prize: $10 auric cells pack per survivor

Burger King Myers* Win (2-person limit**): $10 auric cells pack

**Games when "Burger King" Myers is won, it will be announced to the server

*"Burger King" Myers Build || Scratched Mirror + Boyfriend's Memo || Hex: Ruin, Monitor & Abuse, Nurse's Calling, and (any perk)

We're only gonna have 30 contestants, 6 killers and 24 survivors, using comms will be banned, and since the tournament will be streamed, stream sniping will result in disqualification.

More will be explained in the discord server for the accepted contestants, we hope to see you soon

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