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The Hallowed Blight - Contest Winners!

not_Queennot_Queen Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 746

Over 225 fans participated in The Hallowed Blight Contests and the choice was really hard to make!
The Dead by Daylight Community Team selected the top finalists for each category and winners were then chosen by the whole Dead by Daylight Dev team. We were struck by the immense talent this Community continues to show us!


  1. First prize - 24 000 Auric Cells
  2. Second prize - 18 000 Auric Cells
  3. Third prize - 12 000 Auric Cells
  4. Finalists and winners - Signed copy of The Hallowed Blight limited edition print!


1st place - Costume @zetteam

2nd place - Costume @doctora_nano

3rd place - Costume @Minus10DegreesC

15 finalists - Costume

@zorayel / @Bittie / @Anastasiya / @Below_Zero / @luodie / @WetForWraith / @zetteam / @rissa / @Minus10DegreesC / @GandyMan / @StreetRyu / @SwInD / @doctora_nano / @MIPPU / @DetectiveCookieh


1st place - Artworks @icncm

2nd place - Artworks @OSAM

3rd place - Artworks @hexlar

15 finalists - Artworks

@Sovenka / @LittleGaming / @yacoyy / @taissy109 / @icncm / @untoxical / @Wraithless / @Girlbart / @OSAM / @mintha410 / @noxEburi / @Heltharion / @xiaoyu / @hexlar / @Venamin24

Pumpkin Carving

1st place - Pumpkin Carving @Doctor12Disco

2nd place - Pumpkin Carving @Knockel

3rd place - Pumpkin Carving @Magoo

10 finalists - Pumpkin Carving

@mimaef / @ErdyNern / @Magoo / @El_Placko / @Jessica_cresswell / @Doctor12Disco / @Skidloader / @SillyBilly / @FoggyDownpour / @Knockel

How to get my prize?

A member of the Community Team will reach out by forum DM to get more information from finalists and winners before November 13th. At any point we might ask you to provide proof that your entry is your own work.
Winners will need to provide their Player Cloud ID as well as shipping information before November 16th.
Finalists will need to provide their shipping information before November 16th.

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