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The Most Uncool Thing Just Happened (A Rant)

So, there I was, fixing a generator, when a Nea comes up and totally sandbags me. Like stands right beside me trying to get the killer to notice me. Well the killer doesn't bite and I take off. A short time later this Nea is trying to repair my generator and Spirit puts her in the dying state before phasing off to chase somebody else. Well, I hopped the window, ignored her body, and worked on the generator. This was when all hell broke loose.

You see, that Nea had a twin. And they continued to bully me that entire match. I tried to make nice by rescuing one of them from a hook, but it didn't help. Eventually I was hooked. Once hooked, they kept grabbing me and letting go, so that I would continously scream. Spirit downed one of them then ran off. Dwight came over and healed them and left me on the hook, where they continued grabbing and letting go, until I died.

Afterwords, I see that they're both iri 1, whereas I was on my friends account who is ash 4. I had one perk equipped, and was level 1 with my character.

I wanted to laugh about this. That I got them that bothered that they focused their entire game on me. Then I wanted to forget about it and played a couple games of killer. But you know what? My stomach still hurts. So I'm talking about it.


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