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Too fast

GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 806

Yesterday I had a match as Ghostface and because my opponents made bit of a misplay I had some time for some fun moves. We played on Mt. Ormont and this was inside the main building: I kicked a generator and hid upstairs, waited for a few seconds for the two survivors repairing that generator to return (the other two where rescuing and then healing) and stalked them. I 99end both of them and plunged down, finishing the stalk on one and downing her right beside the generator. A pretty nice play and while 4 of them escaped this moment made it all worth it for me.

Now after the match I leaned back and thought a bit about the situation: Normally I do not have time for this. The match gets hectic pretty quick and unless it is at the start of the match I do not have enough time to stalk survivors like this. Sure I get to stalk them mid-chase but that is just not the same as this ambush.

Now my question to you: Do you think the game is too fast and should slow down a bit especially during the mid-game? Because I get it end-game has to be hectic, there is an collapse of the world going on and everybody is on a timer.

I also notice this as a survivor because usually I have no time for looting chests or breaking dulls. Blessing has become a fun side option for me but once things get rolling I find little to no time for this. Unless of course the Killer is very bad.


  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,067

    For killer: I don't really feel too crunched for time anymore, but I'm devotion level 20. I remember feeling that way as I was learning, and it stems from a combination of how quickly you can down survivors, your build, and your decision-making. Every sub-optimal thing adds up in terms of time.

    For survivor: this is a tricky one, because there's not really a compelling reason to do anything other than gens. It's straight up worse to bring a loot build and spend time looting chests when you can just bring an item into a trial which will realistically last for the duration of a single item anyway. And cleansing dulls to maybe prevent NOED isn't an efficient thing to do either. It's an design complication. There's no reason for survivors to do anything but gens/saving/healing if they're trying to win and totem perks aren't in play.

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