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Why's the Cannibal being punished for the players' actions?



  • throwaway79465468797throwaway79465468797 Member Posts: 682

    That's actually interesting to know...whether it was intentional or not, it definitely sounds like a last minute plea deal. Here's your monopoly dollars, enjoy

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,686

    The other option is to ban players who do so, but without confirmation about their intent it's really hard to do so.

    What if the player is simply a toxic player? Facecamping and slapping someone while wearign that mask isnt racist, but the person behind it could be doing it for racist intentions.

    Not accepting a POC for a job isnt racist, but the intentions behind it could be.

    A death by cop situation on a poc isnt racist, but the intentions behind it could be.

    There is no way to call someone racist without actual proof. You cant. Even if you assume it to be based on circumstantial evidence, a person could look really racist through personal bias alone. But without proof, you cannot call someone racist and have them banned because of it.

    The best course of action is to remove the tools, even if those tools are enjoyed by non-racists too.

  • throwaway79465468797throwaway79465468797 Member Posts: 682

    End the game, close the chat..

    Hell the way I see it, the in-game text chat is the #1 tool for racists

  • BlighTownBlighTown Member Posts: 153

    That's true. If we removed all colored characters, then we only have whites left? Then this in itself would be hypocrisy and then the black community would protest against BHVR because there are no black survivors in the game.

  • DarkJokerOfAmuroDarkJokerOfAmuro Member Posts: 81

    Quick Question....and yes this is relevant..Mods/hacks that are able to change a killers model just for cosmetic purposes, All the survivors in that game can see it right????

  • Voodoo_ThirstyVoodoo_Thirsty Member Posts: 522

    Mods are only visible to those who also have it installed.

    If someone plays vanilla, no mods will be shown to them.

  • Animal_MotherAnimal_Mother Member Posts: 149

    Bubba's the latest victim to be canceled by the woke mob.

  • throwaway79465468797throwaway79465468797 Member Posts: 682

    Bigotry finds a way

  • DarkJokerOfAmuroDarkJokerOfAmuro Member Posts: 81

    ahh i see, i was fearing if hackers would still try to mod the mask back and make ppl still see it

  • crowbarmancrowbarman Member Posts: 466

    Nobody can explain how this was "weaponized" via gameplay.

    Someone was swinging at the hook with a darker face and got upset? Or were they on chat and saying stuff?

    If you think that a slightly darker face is the reason some people choose to be racist then, yeah, this is a joke.

    On the other hand, if we are sussing out racist gameplay - I can't see how thats possible, and challenge anyone to show me a non verbal example.

  • DarkJokerOfAmuroDarkJokerOfAmuro Member Posts: 81

    they would go only after the survivors that are Black, or if they know the actual person playing Any survivor is Black irl, usually the TTVs, and while wearing the mask only go Straight after them and them only while letting everyone else go willingly, along with face camping at the hook, beating them with the sledge, and chainsawing them on hook... AND the usual racist remarks in player chat and/or Person stream. 🤷‍♂️

  • crowbarmancrowbarman Member Posts: 466
    edited January 5

    How would you know they are only going after the black characters for racist reasons?

    How do you know they aren't just going after the TTV person in general? I have personally taken out the TTV quickly in many matches for fun.

    Without verbalization you are just guessing. But racist players will still say their stuff in chat even without the slightly darker mask. This changes nothing IMO.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 837

    It is sad that those mask are removed because of this reason. This for one is something I understand and I would further inquire why nothing was done about this racism from the player side. First the people who were abusing the masks should be punished for doing this.

    I for one do not think that Bubba is blackfacing here. And even if he is: He is the Killer, the bad guy in the story, the one you are suppose to dislike. He makes masks out of peoples skin. Just as Freddy is a pedo and should not be your role model Bubba is too. But this debate is now futile as the feature is gone so this is fine now.

    I can get it if people are chasing certain survivors for those masks. It is a "fun goal" to go after a survivor to get a cosmetic. However this in itself is a problem because this means that only those 4 survivors will get targeted. Thus the option was to either make more masks or remove them.

    Now, I am quit sad that they are gone. I just got my first mask this week only to have it remove a few hours later without ever being able to use it. This mechanic to unlock face masks seemed quit cool for me and I liked playing Bubba for the memes anyway.

  • NorhcNorhc Member Posts: 516

    They can't/don't even do anything against subtle hack users, what did you expect.

  • lavarslavars Member Posts: 312
    edited January 5

    The killer is played by a player and he "portrays" this character with his actions, but if you kill only woman-survivor in the game or every black Survivor isn't the problem with the killer itself.

    bubba is a psychopath who uses the faces of his victims for reasons that are WAY beyond "racist" or and hate against anyone.

    Or do we say "yo you play killer, you gonna kill someone irl?"

    I wish we could have an actually interesting character without canceling everything.

    i would LOVE to have more of these interactions. Getting a certain charm of a killer when you blind them 50 times or w/e.

    does the clown lose it's mori because he cuts fingers of people :o "i want a finger from a person of color". Mechanics aren't the problem, people are.

  • SkerpiTwitchSkerpiTwitch Member Posts: 327

    An idea is to take a part of every skin and sew it together and get that out of a solution. So entitled snowflakes cannot feel targetted all the time.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Twitter warrior complained enough and they got what they wanted. I genuinely have not seen anyone complain about the mask anywhere except on Twitter lmao.


    Maybe once on the forum where they somehow slinked their way here.

  • FantasyFantasy Member Posts: 430

    So because you haven't seen anyone complain about it personally that means it's fine? Good oneeeee.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551


    Because any sane individuals doesn't have a problem with the mask. It's lore friendly to the actual killer itself.

  • FantasyFantasy Member Posts: 430

    Ah so all of the black people who complained about it are insane? Keep digging.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Nah insane people do. Why are you putting a color with people?

  • FantasyFantasy Member Posts: 430

    Hmm maybe because that's where the complaints were coming from?

    I guess they're all insane though according to you.

  • FantasyFantasy Member Posts: 430

    The asian mask what looks pretty much identical to all the other masks so you wouldn't even notice it and isn't being used to antagonize asian people?

    Great argument.

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