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Okay, so I just wanted to make this to come back to it at a later date.

Many people have done their own "Wishlist"-patches and I want to add mine too, maybe somebody will read it, maybe I can come back to it within a few month and laugh at my misable past selfs ideas and how terrible they were...

  1. Technical changes
    1. Adding a button in the settings to turn off the pre-game and the end-game chat. In order to stop harassment and make people more comfortable you can now turn off either or both chats in the game. Other players will see if you have this option turned on so that they do not write to deaf ears.
    2. Adding Killer and Survivor specific keybind-profiles. You can now make a keybind profile and bind it to a certain character. This should make the feeling more smooth if you are playing something like Hillbilly or Oni where you give Q/E to camera turning without screwing up your survivors Dead Hard E-game.
  2. Lobby changes
    1. Survivors can now see the perks, items, add-ons and offerings that their teammates have chosen for the match once they mark themself as "Ready". Perks, items, add-ons, offerings and characters can no longer be changed after confirming that you are "Ready" for both Killers and Survivors. This is to lower the gap between SoloQ and group play and should provide more information to SoloQ player. As an example this enables you to coordinate that the survivor with Borrow Times" goes for the rescue.
  3. Game Mechanics
    1. Window Hit validation added. Same as with Dead Hard, grabs and pallets window hit validation has been added with a similar functionality. While feeling bad for Killers this is consistent with the other validations. It will feel bad for Killers at first but at least now it is consistent.
    2. Protection hit detection: A protection hit is now always applies when taking a hit within 8m of an injured, downed or carried survivor. Celebrate Mettle of Men.
    3. Generators: Killers kicking a generator now block all progress on that generator for 2 seconds. Also the kick applies 5% regress to the generator.
  4. Killer Changes
    1. Ghostface
      1. Fixed the "Reveal" Mechanic. Ghostface "Reveal" mechanic has been a constant issue for both sides and has just left a bad feeling overall. The mechanic now works like a survivor sides stalking, survivors have to fill up a meter on Ghostface by looking at him and holding the action button for 1,5 seconds. The stalking meter is filled the same way as for Ghostface when he stalks and reveals him upon reaching 100%. Ghostface receives a warning upon reaching 80%. When interrupted the reveal will decay over 4 seconds. This should add meaningful counterplay to Ghostface while giving survivors something to work upon.
      2. Reduces Ghostface cooldown to 20 seconds. Stalking is no longer completly lost upon hitting a survivor with a M1, rather you loose half a stalking meter. When downing a survivor who is fully marked the cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. Fully marked survivors receive a 20% action speed penalty to healing, blessing, cleansing and repairing and also trigger skill-checks more often this penalty is removed when a survivor reveals Ghostface.
      3. Add-on pass. Adding more fun add-ons to Ghostface arsenal rather than just plain stat-buffs. Adding a meme add-on for the jokes. No positive action speed penalty add-ons included, only add-ons that remove the penalty for certain boni.
    2. Legion
      1. Hitting a survivor who is injured with Feral Slash now applies the Broken status effect for 30 seconds. This should add meaning to Legion hitting survivor who are already injured.
      2. Removed the penalty from hitting survivors with a basic attack.
      3. Increased Legions speed while in Feral Frenzy to 6,0 m/s.
      4. Decreased Legions Terror Radius while not in Feral Frenzy to 28 meters.
      5. Added mechanic: Each successful Feral Slash reduces the fatigue duration by 1 second.
      6. Feral Frenzy now recovers 10% faster while in chase with an additional 20% faster recovery upon reaching bloodlust. For the jokes: When reaching blood lust tier 3 you get 100% bonus recovery speed, poor soul.
      7. Add-on pass.
    3. Nemesis
      1. Zombies now despawn when they have not moved for a certain time. This should remove the issue of stuck zombies.
      2. On big maps an additional Zombie has been added. Zombies now target infected players more often and react to their coughing.
      3. Certain add-ons get an additional functionality that increase Nemesis mutation rate.
    4. The Shape
      1. Evil Within III: Decreases Pallet stun duration by 15%. Increases action speed while breaking pallet by 15%.
      2. Tombstone Piece: Now only works on survivors who have been stalked for more than 60% of their stalking progress. This is to make Myers only kill those who let him play with them.
    5. Wraith
      1. New third person Mori.
    6. Trapper
      1. Increased the Trap Disarm timer to 5 seconds. Changed the animation.
      2. New third person Mori.
    7. Hillbilly
      1. New third person Mori.
    8. Twins
      1. Reduced the timer to switch from Victor to Charlotte to 0,25 seconds.
      2. Survivors downed by Victors Pounce receive a 30% action speed penalty to getting picked up. Charlotte receives a 5% increased movement speed after Victor has downed a survivor. This bonus is lost upon hooking a survivor or entering a chase.
      3. Victor will automatically dissolve when downing a second survivor. In this case no penalty is applied to the pick-up speed.
      4. This should lead to Twin players switching between both Twins more often, punish slugging and encourage hooking. And yes, the movement speed bonus is also counted while carrying a survivor until you hook him.
    9. The Nightmare
      1. The Nightmare can now also teleport to his clocks. This should add mobility to him during the end-game.
      2. Dream Pallets are added to the baseline of the nightmare. They can be set on a cooldown of 15 seconds by pressing the secondary ability button while not looking at a generator or a clock.
      3. Dream Doors: Same as Dream Pallets. They can be set where a breakable door can spawn, appear like normal doors but disappear when the survivor is within 5 meters to them. Niche use.
      4. Add-on pass to account for these changes. Dream Pallet add-ons now reduce the cooldown timer of setting dream pallets.
  5. Survivor Perk Changes
    1. Smash Hit - Decreased Exhaustion status to 25 seconds on perk level 3.
    2. Lithe - Decreased Exhaustion status to 30 seconds on perk level 3.
    3. Sprint Burst - Increased Exhaustion status to 60 seconds on perk level 3.
    4. Dead Hard - Increased Exhaustion status to 60 seconds on perk level 3.
    5. Boon: Exponential - Increased the radius to 28 meters.
    6. Boon: Cycle of Healing - Reduces the radius to 16 meters.
    7. Explanation: Too long all Exhaustion-Perks have shared the same value while having different power levels. An adjustment is made to these values and more adjustments will be made to get perks in line. On the same page the same adjustment was made to Boons.
    8. Leader: Now also applies to Blessing.
  6. Killer Perk Changes
    1. Hex: Ruin - Now only applies to generators within the Killers terror radius. These generators stop regressing once they are no longer within the Killers Terror Radius. Ruin has been a band-aid for bad design long enough. Lets remove it to see what really needs to be done!
    2. Hex: No one escapes Death - Added functionality: Survivors can now see the Hex-Totems aura while within 18 meters. This should add counterplay to NoeD as "do bones" is just no "doing it".
    3. Pop goes the Weasle - Going with the generator change: Decreased the additional regress to 20%.
    4. Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance - Reduced the regression to 12% on T3.
    5. Oppression - Added functionality: A successfully damaging a survivor by 1 health stat reduces the cooldown of Oppression by 20.

Comments and critique are welcome. Now let me wait a year or so to see this age like milk...

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