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aNAAAaNAAA Member Posts: 27

I don't understand why we are stuck at 120 fps. Knowing that we have good computers to play with. I used to shoot at 400 fps now at 120 I feel like I was back in the 2000s ... When will we be able to play again with good performance?

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  • xteamppxteampp Member Posts: 22

    I don´t think that option will ever change. I have tried removing the fps cap and game behaves weird. It chokes and lags like crazy.

    Also, it could probably screw up some physics and gameplay stuff such as animation speeds.

  • aNAAAaNAAA Member Posts: 27

    It's unheard of in a video game anyway. Stuck at 120 fps, why not upgrade to the same level as mobile gamers? If it is to prevent certain glitch and penalize the entire pc community, that is not of much interest..

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