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Why does the DBD just suck up bad changes and decisions?

I really just do not get it. People spend so much time complaining but then they just give up on something. They just say "Well we can't do anything about it." I think that's not really a good mind set. Could you guys please just stand against the thing you don't like a bit more and not give up? I mean I'm sure some know that I haven't given up on a certain thing that I will bring up again soon. So yeah if you don't like something, let's just work together to change it yeah? We have done it before. Even if it's for some small things like I want the Leatherface mask decision reverted. Doesn't matter what it is. As long as it's important to you.


  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 6,061
    edited January 9

    In the case of the Leatherface masks, it's because a lot of people agree with the decision. BHVR isn't going to change their mind, they're not going to keep Smartface in the game. They've gotten a bunch of good press for it, so keeping the mask in would be disastrous.

    A bunch of trolls used the mask in a racist manner and ruined it for everyone else.

    My problem is that BHVR is removing all four masks and replacing them with nothing. They're allowing a small group of trolls to affect everyone by getting content removed from the game. Leatherface is losing over half of his non-default masks and we're losing the only earnable cosmetics in the game.

    Any earnable cosmetics removed should be replaced with new earnable cosmetics. Instead, we're just losing content, and that sucks for all of us normal players while empowering the trolls.

  • ggskggsk Member Posts: 48

    Should provide option of disable custom skin.

    Not remove his all survivor's masks.

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