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Put Your Karma Moments Here!

AngyKillerAngyKiller Member Posts: 1,838

I'm not looking to bash anyone. I don't want any Us Vs Them, or 'camping is toxic!' or 'DH is toxic!' yelling.

Just your funny karma moments. I shall start:

Back when I streamed, I had maybe 5 viewers on a good day. Then, it jumped to 9. I did not share my TTV link, but apparently the Survivors, a 4-man SWF, checked my SN. This was way back in year 1 or 2 of DBD.

I was playing Billy, and they were stream sniping me while I struggled to find them. I managed to get 2 kills via camping, and I was suspicious by now, as they were always disappearing from gens before I got there. I only caught 2 of them by pure luck.

So the gates are opened, and I downed the 3rd, and the 4th left. I 'thought out loud' "Man, if this guy would stop struggling, I'd give him the hatch! Get a symmetrical 2E/2K!" and he promptly stopped struggling (I did not stream with a delay). Proof of snipe!

So I then carried him towards the hatch...and then detoured into the basement, hooked him, and nodded and revved while he died. 😁

Needless to say; he and his friends were livid, but the few people in my stream were laughing hysterically at them, so their ranting was pretty worthless.


  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 5,737

    Context: It's EGC on fractured. Door is right near the cowshed, and is opened. I'm playing deathslinger.

    I killed one in basement and came up and was breaking down the door. This person thought it would be funny to blind me while breaking the door. I walked forward, blind and got an m1. As he's running to the gate I aim and he dead hards. Which I waited out. He got hit. Hooked in basement and died instead of escaping like he could of done

  • BlackRabiesBlackRabies Member Posts: 499

    About a year ago playing as death Slinger. Can't remember exactly how it started think I was just doing horrible missing too many shots then it turn into just a farming match. Letting all 4 of them go just sitting there at the exit border with EGC counting down healing doing w/e. There was like several seconds or so left on EGC one of those pricks was tea bagging the other 3 left, still tea bagging so i insta scope and shot him. Didn't M1 just held him in place and let the EGC kill him. The others busted out laughing end game chat.

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 622

    This happened the other day. Someone dies on hook immediately, no gens done so I set my own win factors. Get current power struggle to work. This killer was good but her downfall was slugging me. I got 2 power struggle saves on myself. End game comes, I'm slugged again last person on hook. I'm thinking "man am I going to get 3?!! If so I win" She doesn't pick me up, cuz she knows but she also had THE ULTIMATE UNO REVERSE CARD... A last person Mori just for me, I was in tears from laughing. Kudos to her

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 3,283

    I run Bloodwarden specifically to Karma jerk squads who decide to use the EGC as their personal "annoy the killer as much as humanly possible".

    Sure, BW comes in handy in like...1 in 10 matches but the other 9 matches are 1000000000% worth it when you catch a bully squad with it :D

  • BlighTownBlighTown Member Posts: 153

    This was a year ago when the 5th Anniversary brought the most devilish players from the pit of Hells and I remember this match that made me so frustrated that I almost broke my controller in half. I had a 4 man bully squad that all used a Strode Realty Key offering. I played Hillbilly and I wasn't really good with him despite that I still managed to get a 4K at the end.

    Claudette: Dead Hard, Unbreakable, Decisive Strike & Prove Thyself

    Toxic Nea: Dead Hard, Unbreakable, Spine Chill & Resilience

    Laurie: Object of Obsession, Decisive Strike, Dead Hard & Unbreakable

    Felix: Dead Hard, Unbreakable, Decisive Strike & Borrowed Time

    They used Purple Flashlights, Skeleton Key and Commodious Toolbox with Brand New Part.

    Now, because of Laurie she can give info to all her teammates through either Discord or something else to communicate with so they know where I am at all times. Nea is, obviously, the biggest piece of ######### you can come across. She's the bait. Felix and Claudette are the gen jockeys.

    I had a feeling this would happen, so what I did is completely ignore Nea. Completely ignore her. Let that ######### click at a brick wall I don't care. I basically searched for Claudette and began to tunnel her until she died on hook then I go and search for Laurie to stop her from giving her teammates info and after that, I go for Felix.

    Nea was obviously the biggest problem I faced against. I didn't give up despite the odds stacked against my favor. No matter what, I managed to close the hatch and with all of my luck combined, the exit gates were close to eachother. Nea failed to find the hatch somehow because I can clearly remember she had a key in her hand that she picked up from one of the survivors. After about a minute, she had no choice but to open an exit gate but failed because I hit her with my chainsaw and I let her bleed out until the entity killed her.

    Never felt I more satisfied after all that #########. Was it truly worth all the frustration and bullshit during the match? #########. Yes.

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