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DBD suddenly runs terrible with my new PC

xX_DeoxRc_XxxX_DeoxRc_Xx Member Posts: 52

I just built this pc like 2 weeks ago. I really only play DBD and like 4 games. All installed on an external HDD.

When I first installed it, I could run it smoothly at 60 fps medium graphics, 100% resolution scale. I thought it was a little blurry so I turned AntiAliasing off with the Engine.ini file. The game and the gpu temperature was way better. However, I didn't use my computer for a few days (nobody used it in my absence), so when I came back the game suddenly drops to 35 fps in the lobby and I can barely max 50 fps. I already deleted the lines for antialias and it didn't got any better. Task manager also doesn't show any other program using gpu.

Why is that? Did I do something? Can I change something to help it?

My specs:

Ryzen 5 3500X

RX 470

16GB Ram 3200 mhz

SSD 480 GB

HDD for games 1TB 7200 rpm (DBD installed here)

Motherboard MSI B450 Pro M2 MAX

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  • kizuatikizuati Member Posts: 183

    I'd highly suggest moving to an SSD,but also 5.5.2 has been notoriously bad on the performance.

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