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6th year anniversary should not have a chapter.

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So, I've been pretty much gone for awhile, the burn out has been pretty intense and I don't have that itch to play anymore.

After losing all my data around October I just lost all motivation to keep going. I did log in during December to only get partial rewards and not all of them, which hasn't been reviewed, but oh well. Really isn't a bother if you don't play the game anymore.

But, this update and the things I've seen while just lurking in the forums has been... extremely disappointing. I'm glad some things got buffed when it needed it it be, but the other things is just a huge let down.

I want to enjoy Dead By Daylight again, but right now there is absolutely no point in playing unless they actually put their hearts into it. So, right now. There's just lot in dbd that needs to reviewed.

From a shoddy report system that has the "dude trust me it works" that's also incredibly unfriendly to consoles so reporting any hackers, racism, etc is extremely frustrating since the last time I needed to report a lag switcher I made no progress because the damn website wouldn't load on ps4.

To questionable nerfs, buffs, and reworks because "is scary making something over tweaked" while ignoring the huge mountain of overwhelming issues that NEEDS to be addressed instead of the ones they absolutely focused on.

Like I said, I haven't played this game after October and I have no motivation to until they do things right.

I don't want any more new chapters that force more people to BUY in order to have different game play mechanics to spice things, perks to combat the meta that hasn't been changed, and perks that have a chance to possibily be built in as a game update a year later when it's A.) No longer relevant or B.) Horribly built. I'm looking at Coulrophobia. For those who weren't around, they added Coulrophobia (survivors who are in your Terror radius heal 50% slower) during the meta period where survivors would heal next to pallets with self care. Then they nerfed self care a few months later. Then healing in general. But, they kept Coulrophobia exactly the same. So... they made a perk to combat the meta and then updated the game with the exact changes to combat the meta. Thanks??? But why not do it from the start. That's one of my issues.

My next issue is making game changing decisions locked behind a paywall instead of them being added in like End Game.

Boon totems are the exact thing I want to talk about. These are a special thing that changes up survivor game play, it's small but effective. However, survivors can't experience themselves unless they spent 5 or seven dollars.

It's like making a perk for a killer to kick a generator as a DL- OH WAIT A MINUTE

What I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of these fancy DLCs that could actually change a lot in terms of game play as an update. It's like having end game collapse as a dlc instead of having it as a free update to spice things up. New variants are fine as a dlc, but it's initial release shouldn't have been. But, that's completely up to debate. Whacky gimmicks like headon and stuff is fine, but core game play changes I feel like everyone should experience. However, I could be very much alone in that regard.

Anyway, let's move on to weird nerfs and buffs.

Let's use Hillbilly as a reference since he's the actual king of getting horrifically changed and forgotten. It was originally Freddy, but that's a whole new topic I want to talk about later.

What happened to Billy was just unjustified. If you absolutely needed to nerf Hillbilly, then having his charge take a bit longer and with a longer chainsaw recovery. THAT'S IT. Not this.... whatever this is. Basically now Hillbilly has asthma and he needs to stop and take a bit of a breather before he can sprint again. I guess they also decided on doing that to combat camping... but honestly. Chainsaw camping as Hillbilly? It's like camping as Tier 3 Myers. It doesn't make sense but few people do it. You literally would have a better chance as Bubba which he excels at.

But, this change was so unwarranted and ignored that it became Hillbilly's thing. They arguably struck gold with Bubba and Doctor, but Hillbilly of all characters? Sometimes a rework IS NOT a good thing and it obviously should have been tested more or just left alone.

Hillbilly is such a good example of an update that did nothing more then damage them for no good than for actual healthy change. You could argue that he was over performing, but he at least needed skill to master with who still a chance for survivors to survive against than against a master Nurse. So it seems extremely weird what it happened to Billy.

Then we have another part I want to talk about oh so badly.

I don't know if anyone else is with me on this, but I am also tired of killers being designed to combat the main problem other killers have issues with instead of having those issues fixed as well. Lack of map traversal, looping, etc. Again, they have an issue they bandaid fix with a DLC that they might eventually just patch out instead of patching the issue out right then and there. What really urks me is that they see it as a legit issue, but they pond it off as a DLC for us to fix ourselves that makes things even more annoying.

I'm tired of having at least one/two perk slots dedicated to the issue that could have been resolved now. Or just play as a whole new character to also combat the issue as well. This for me is extremely tiring because we also lose out on originality for each killer.

Which is pretty detrimental for license killers, because they either don't feel like themselves or were just not cared about. Example: Nemesis and Freddy.

I would love for a license chapter, whether it's

Friday the 13th

Five nights at Freddy's


Grudge (ugh. That character sends chills down my spine.)


Whatever else people want to be added into Dead By Daylight. I want them to join too, but. No. Not right now.

I don't want a repeat of having a new license character that's only a husk of their former self. Like Freddy and Nemesis (again.) Just to cater to an issue that was relevant at the time or just be so lifeless that it doesn't feel fun or exciting to play.

Pinhead was arguably the best license that did just for the character, I love the character. But... well. The dreaded NFT situation happened. They took a huge success and then just put it into the garbage disposal that gave everyone a huge distaste for the license.

It's... to say it bluntly. It's like they're afraid of success.

I absolutely believe there should not be a chapter for Dbd's 6th anniversary. I think Bhvr needs to give the game some love and allow it to heal and fix things that NEEDS to be fixed. I'm so disappointed right now.

I just want to see things done right instead of questionable changes that doesn't focus on the main issue at hand.

I can go on a little longer, but I've been thinking of what to type into this for a few hours. So I'm gonna stop for right now and when I have more I'll update this post.

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