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Your Opinion About Prestige 1 vs Prestige 3

Hi, guys! I'd like to know your opinion on the following matter: I am trying to have every perk lvl 3 on all killers and survivors and I am in the process of that already for quite some time(I have 1800 hours in the game, all characters unlocked, I am a Loooong time away from my goal), but I have prestiged lvl 3 only Jake for the Steam achievement. On long term time, does my decision to let all other characters at Prestige 1 will affect me in terms of add-ons and offerings I will get on the blood web or not? I know at Prestige 3 the chance to get add-ons and offerings and items of bigger rarity is slightly bigger, but is that difference worth enough to try and prestige pretty much everyone up to Prestige 3? I must say that I am not interested at all in the bloody clothes, just the comparison of bloodweb quality offerings between Prestige 1 and Prestige 3. I am asking for your opinion because at some points I have doubts I made the right choice to have fast lvl 3 perks on all characters, but keeping them at Prestige 1.

What approach did you do regarding this matter?



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