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about the husk feature

fakefake Member Posts: 2,618

Hello from Japan.

Is there any information that you can disclose about the husk feature that was mentioned in the developer update June-July 2019?

This also gives us an opportunity to strengthen the way we handle disconnections. Survivors who disconnect from a match will leave a “husk” behind. The Killer can then hook and sacrifice this husk to receive the points- and perk tokens where applicable- that they would have earned had the Survivor continued playing. Additionally, the other Survivors in the match will receive a quitter bonus to compensate for losing a teammate. Should a Killer disconnect, the match will immediately end, and the remaining Survivors will receive emblem points assuming they had healed and escaped the trial, keeping any items and add-ons they have equipped. Any offerings used will be refunded if the match is cancelled shortly after starting.

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