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Difference to Boon radii

I always say this but never posted it as a suggestion and thus here it is:

In order to balance Boons make their radii different.

Boon totems are a fun mechanic for me. I enjoy them as a survivor and I like the concept as a Killer. Most times people complain about "Boons" they only complain about one (Cycle of Healing) and are indifferent to the other two.

A point most people overlook is that the power of a Boon massively depends on its radius. This can make or break those perks and is a very smooth way to buff or nerf certain Boons into proportion. For this let me make a quick example: "Boon: Shadowstep".

If "Boon: Shadowstep" had only 16 meters of radius it would serve little to no purpose. Killers could see the survivors in the radius and follow them with ease while also taking notice of the Boon very quick to snuff it. With 40 meters "Boon: Shadowstep" would be grossly overpowered as it would cover a huge area of the map and leave the Killer little to no indicator to find the Boon.

This is why I suggest the following values for out existing Boons:

  • Boon: Cycle of Healing: Reduce the radius to 16 meters.
  • Boon: Shadowstep: Keep the radius it is fine.
  • Boon: Exponential: Buff the radius to 30 meters, it is too weak.

Future Boons should consider this too with their power. Let me give two examples:

  • Boon: Know your friends: Lets you see the aura of all other survivors in the radius. Radius: 32 meters.
  • Boon: Know your enemy: Lets you see the aura of the Killer within 20 meters.

As you see, one would be grossly overpowered if it had the radius of the other. However this could also serve as a screw for the developers to tune their perks. When one underperformes the radius could be buffed before the effect gets any change at all, when one overperformes the radius can be nerfed.


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