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We tried otz's no perk/add on challenge, here's what happened...

GloamGloam Member Posts: 610

So me and my gf both tried the no perk and no add on challenge on every killer to see what would happen. We both consider ourselves probably average in terms of skill so we decided not to do the 30 second headstart for our own sanity. Instead of listing the results for every killer for both of us which would be a formatting nightmare and make this post gigantic I'm just gonna post the end results and some notes I made during the challenge. Quick note about the hook count we only counted us actively putting survivors on the hook and ignored people going to struggle on first hook and such.

Gloam: 1.84 Kill average (5.88 hook average)

Bunny: 1.74 Kill average (6.8 Hook average)

Gloam best game: Trapper, Shape, Oni (4k with 10 hooks)

Gloam Worst Game: Pig (0k with 0 hooks)

Bunny best game: Hag (4k with 12 hooks)

Bunny worst game: Doctor (0k with 2 hooks)

Killer with the best results combined between both of us: Cenobite

Killer with the worst results combined between both of us: Ghost Face

We obviously didn't do very well but I think I'm okay with that considering we both play casually and arn't streamers and it for sure changed how I look at the game quite a bit so here are my biggest takeaways.

-Map matters a lot like maybe even more than perks maybe. There were more than a few games where we got midwich and woulda have likely been worse on another killer and conversely some games on ormond went poorly when they probably wouldn't have been as bad on a different map and besides our own skill maps were the single biggest factor in these games.

-Talking about skill not counting hooks at all is ridiculous, I don't think this point is controversial at all but yeah games with many hooks were far more interesting and impressive to watch than games where one of us did well in terms of kills but basically just camped it out to do it. Billy was the most extreme version of this with us getting 3 and 2 kills respectively but only 7 hooks between both of us COMBINED.

-Survivors don't play efficiently all the time which also can skew results and SWFs were actually almost easier sometimes because they were more likely to bomb the hook which actually feeds into the camping strategy.

-Kills are almost meaningless to me atp. There were many games where we 0k or 1k that easily could have been 3k or 4k if we had made one decision different and vice versa we had some 3k or 4ks that we likely should not have cuz survivors made some dumb mistakes. People really need to stop taking this game so seriously on both sides with so many variables and RNG involved.

-We didn't always camp every game and played pretty casually many games and still did well so killer is certainly not as unplayable as some people make it out to be but it does depend on the amount of CoH and Dead Hard brought from the survivors as those were by far the most impactful perks on the survivor side during this challenge.

-I used to think Corrupt Intervention was a must bring every game to stand a chance and this challenge definitely broke that illusion since most games usually revolve around snowballing with 1 or 2 gens left which was true during this challenge and when I was using the perk so it doesn't make that much of a difference. Planning a good 3 gen is stronger than any perk you can bring.

-You can apparently dodge a nemesis tentacle and a zombie strike in the same dead hard BHVR plz nerf.

At the end of the day I don't think this challenge has much of a point? It can be nice for bringing clarity on how the game works on a fundamental level and which killers you like purely on base kit but as a killer too weak or is OP challenge? I don't think it's good for that at all as map and survivors factor into the game A LOT. You'd have to run this challenge 1,000 times to get any reliable data on that aspect. Was fun though and would run it again after I get better.


  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 5,574

    You forgot time of the day. Evenings are more chill than daytime in eu when you play killer for example.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 610


    NA servers for me EU servers for Bunny, we both had a wide range of memers to tryhard SWF squads although Bunny had a noticeably higher amount of TTVs.

  • CyberDragoon656CyberDragoon656 Member Posts: 960

    The game is way too rng and nonskill based skills to use something like this challenge as evidence of anything when it comes to killer side being op or not and tbh this shows that the game's balance can not be balanced at all due to just statistics any more.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,284

    About 1.8 average doesn’t sound too bad for a no perk game. It wouldn’t surprised me if having perks adds +0.25 to your kill rate average, and since MMR is different for each killer character your MMR probably didn’t lower too much on any given killer from the start of your experiments with them when you previously presumably had a full perk load out. If anything, being in the ballpark of a 2 kill average probably shows how much the results of the match are a reflection of how well or badly a killer actually plays the game. Things like specific perk load outs don’t come into play until you’re talking about at least above average to high skill opponents, and even then skill differences make a big difference. Above average survivors can do well against above average kills but will still struggle with top tier players.

    On a tangent I get why Corrupt Intervention is popular but I hardly ever use it. I find that when I use it survivors tend to just try and hide it out which makes the first minute or two potentially just looking around for people and nothing interesting happening. Normally I pick up on survivors by gen sounds as much as the scratches and crows, etc, so I’m ok with having the gens be up at the start in the sense that it means I can get into a chase that much more quickly.

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