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학지운 신스킨 동양인 혐오다

늑린이늑린이 Member Posts: 8
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차별하지 마라

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  • LegacySmikeyLegacySmikey Applicant, Member Posts: 237
    edited January 29

    Fun fact I can type korean pretty fluently when I have my korean keyboard set up but I can't read a word of it!

    Anyway the title says I hate new Asian Skins (according to google at least)

    Is that trickster even an actual thing?

    Not been home for a few days so I can't check the game.

    I don't really have a trickster skin yet other than rift stuff while I'm sure something will just click with me eventually I'd prefer that one to most of his neon stuff

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,391

    Cool story I guess

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,293

    No way!!!! For real?

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